2017 – I’ve Got Your Number; Do YOU?

New Year…New Energies readily available!  What frequency are YOU stepping into and how can you make the best use of these energies for support, nourishment and prosperity?

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This is the year to prosper…as you will hear today on my radio show!

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Angelic Prep-Time for New Vibrations!

Last week on the radio, I devoted the time to aligning my energy with that of the Angel Kingdom.  With their help and guidance, I shared helpful mini-Angelic messages with those who phoned in to the station.  Good news/bad news – so many folks phoned in (that’s the good news, thank you!) that I couldn’t take lots of the calls (bad news!)

The powerful, healing energy of the Angelic Kingdom is especially vibrant during the entire holiday season. TODAY, with the assistance of the Angels, I will once again share FREE mini-messages with those who are guided to phone the radio studio. (321-806-3159)  

Today’s messages will  pertain to areas – emotionally, mentally and spiritually – that YOU may need to examine and investigate in order to be fully prepared for the new, incoming 2017 vibrations.

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Mini “Fluff-UP” of Your Holiday Halo

Is your heavenly holiday halo slightly off-kilter in these count-down days to Christmas and Hanukkah?   Great news!  TODAY, at 3:00 pm EST, phone in to my radio studio for a FREE, On-Air simple, clear, powerful, brief Angel Message.

Here’s how you do it:  Via your computer, go to: listen.talknetworkradio.com  You can also download the FREE App  TNR.  The direct phone number is 321-806-3159.                           The first business of the day on my show is always the Cosmic Weather Report.  Today, I’ll keep it brief, so that I can devote time and energy to YOUR Halo Fluffing!

A heavenly ” halo fluffin” is just That… Heavenly!

Also, please check out my website:  www.hierconsciousness.com.  Something VERY DELIGHTFUL was “birthed” over the weekend and is now available.  From the Home Page, scroll to “Store.”  Yahoo!

We are Talkin’ ANGELS Today!

Tis the season for the energy of the Angelic Kingdom to be easily tapped and tuned into – just like my new Radio Show, The Purple Portal!   Tune IN to be tuned UP!

During today’s show, Angels are the “hot topic.”  It promises to be a perfectly Angelic show!

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Great Show for You Today!

Be sure to tune in to YOUR Cosmic Radio hour, The Purple Portal, today at 3:00 pm, EST.

Today I’ll be speaking about the New Moon energy and how to make the most of it.

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Tune IN… and BE…tuned UP!

Tuesday! Tune IN Day!

Today!  3:00 pm, EST, please join me for my hourly All-Things-Cosmic radio show, the Purple Portal.  Listen LIVE and phone in with your thoughts, questions, observations or whatever else you’d like to share.

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Isn’t it High Time that we all reset our inner dial and TUNE IN?!?  


It’s Tuesday – Set Your Cosmic Dial!

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Hope to “see you soon” – on the radio!


Emergency! Where’s the “E R”, please?

As folks begin to emerge from the trauma and continuous assault-by-media pertaining to today’s election, for what seems now like eternity, I suspect many will require what I see as a specialized “ER” treatment – “Election Recovery!”

Many fell unwittingly into the trap “My candidate is right…YOURS is the devil,” therefore, (implied, although often spoken) I hate you!”  Some jumped into the trap knowingly and rather gleefully.  However you landed in the trap is of no consequence.  What’s important here is whether you can (more correctly, the operative word is WILL you) now begin to release yourself from your self-imposed trap of righteousness, judgment, opinion, contempt and hatred.

Being attracted to or repelled by one ideology or another causes mental confusion and LOTS of conflict.   The pain, individual pain and our collective pain, caused by this conflict was broadcast and witnessed globally as peoples from other lands (as well as this land) watched the debacle of “separation and hatred” play out adnauseatum.  Many citizens of this fair country chose, over and over, to move out of non-duality and smack into the hostile arms of duality.

For those who moved into duality and wish to right the spirit as rapidly as humanly possible, I encourage you to head for the “E R – Election Recovery” at your earliest opportunity!  Here’s the directions to the ER so that you can heal posthaste:  Go down the hall, take a right, enter the elevator and hit the “Penthouse” button. Here’s where your Higher Consciousness has been patiently waiting to reconnect with you.  Sanity will be easily restored as the Light-Love of this energy field permeates your thinking once again.  The conflict and contention you’ve clung to dissolves as you simply release your pent up “stuff” into the the all-pervading Light.

The Light that you are can, and will, once again shine through your entire being and be reflected via your eyes – which have been clouded over with dark thoughts.  Hold all the darkness, once and for all, consciously in your inner embrace and watch it gently fall away.  The “pent-house” energy seemingly magically removes all that has been “pent up” and transforms it, allowing the shining one to re-emerge.

When you are ready, take the elevator back down to street level and get on with the business of living – creatively, joyfully… to the fullest.


“Taking Manhattan” by Magic Carpet

Admittedly, I’ve been slow to embrace technology.  It’s not that I didn’t want to buddy up to the tech word, it’s just that I have always felt more comfortable being connected to Higher Frequencies, (pun intended) which then didn’t leave me with very much earthly time to become earth-tech-savvy.

All that changed this past week when a wonderful new venue gracefully open her doors for me!  My High Flying Magic Carpet, also known as SKYPE, took me right down into a fabulous apartment in Manhattan where I could effortlessly wave my Feng Shui Magic Wand!

The owner of the apartment had contacted me when she felt her life had become stuck, out of whack and rather miserable!  Seems motivation had all but abandoned her for what she described as “months on end.”  Lethargy was pervasive, and ‘joy’ was nowhere to be found.  Husband and two young children were beginning to suffer from the noxious side-effects of my clients’ malaise.

With my SKYPE tuned in (if that’s indeed the correct languaging) and my client’s I phone rarin’ to go, I was carefully guided into every nook and cranny of this glorious New York apartment –  while happily seated in my sunny home in south Florida.

Together, we explored every nook and cranny of the apartment.  Suggestions were made assuring that any and every troublesome area could be corrected.  At one point in the consultation, I asked my client to put down her I Phone and move two of the dining room chairs to a different location.  Immediately, she saw and felt the difference; her enthusiasm was palpable and contagious!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The master bedroom had what I lovingly term a “fatal flaw!”  The frequency of this could-be-lovely-room was “early dorm-style.”  The bedroom is a sacred place for restoration and love…it’s not a dorm!  She saw the humor and is in the process of taking action to restore both the room, and her relationship with her husband, to a much happier place.

Speaking of “husband”… when he came home from work later that evening, he was delighted with the very simple adjustments which have made the apartment warmer, and more inviting.  This dear husband will be in for the ‘treat of his life’ when he arrives home one evening in the near future to find the master bedroom glowing with the effects of a complete and loving make-over!

As for my client, the lethargy is lifting, dreams are being re-kindled, (that’s due to a simple ‘cure’ placed in her kitchen) and once again, joy and a zest for life are gently returning to the infrastructure of her life and the lives of two small children and one adoring husband.

Now that I fully understand that my Magic Carpet, along with my Feng Shui Magic Wand, can travel far and wide, I am ready to travel the world.  Rev up your I Phone, Android or Tablet and schedule your appointment today – you, too, can can return from the land of lethargy and begin a new journey in the land of happy and healthy!



Time Flies! It’s “Tune-IN-Time”Today.

Hope you have survived Halloween and will tune in this afternoon to listen to my LIVE Cosmic, one hour radio show.  It airs TODAY, Tuesday, at 3:00 pm EST. (The news is at the top of the hour.)

The show is called “The Purple Portal.”  During this hour, together we wander into portals of delightfully, higher BEingness!   Today, among other things, my focus is on the vast topic of death, rebirth and regeneration – precisely what we are facing individually and collectively.
To tune IN, go to:  listen.talknetworkradio.com.  I also invite and encourage you to call in while I’m on the air with your thoughts, questions and comments.  The number to call is:  321-806-3159.  Your call is answered by the engineer and owner of the station, Jeff.  He then pipes your call directly to me.  I love hearing from you, so be brave and connect!

Tune IN… and BE tuned UP!

The show is also archived for your future listening pleasure.  Get the app: TNR!