From Tipping Points to Meltdown!

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As seems to be the norm these days, a great deal is happening cosmically.  “Cosmic and Individual Tipping Points and the Subsequent Meltdowns” is the topic for today’s show.  Are YOU having a proverbial meltdown?  Let’s “adjust the set of your sails” – not only to cope but to thrive!


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Drifting from the Truth

For the past three days, I have wisely invested my time in watching the docu-series:  The Truth About Vaccines.”  Yes, it is shocking and sobering for the uninitiated.  For me, since I have been investigating various aspects of our system at length – a system that is “supposedly” dedicated to protecting us and guiding us morally and ethically, this series is no surprise.  Sobering, yes; surprising, no.

Today I am firmly, consciously attempting to regain my balance and serenity.  What has caused this sense of imbalance you may wonder?  Let me assure you, it is NOT the docu-series.  Matter of fact, this series is an education everyone should/must see – for their own investigative purposes.  Well, actually, to heighten their awareness and become validly informed – which will in turn give them greater responsibility and accountability for their lives and the lives of those who look to them for guidance and protection – such as their children.

Both of Ty Bollinger’s series, The Truth About Cancer and this newest one, The Truth About Vaccines, are conscientiously informative and fact based;  the information allows viewers to make up their own mind about the safety of vaccines – for themselves and their children.

What has actually thrown me off center is the resistance to this information – resistance from well-educated people, whether they be those in the medical profession or parents and guardians of our precious little children.  The resistance, the indifference, the ridicule, the eyes rolling…it’s horrifying to witness.

The very fact (disclosed in part 2 of the series) that the few Scientists who stand upright in honesty and integrity have been silenced – one way or another, is excruciatingly painful to me.  It should be painful to you as well because, assuredly, some of your lives have been irrevocably altered by this silence.

George Orwell eloquently stated:  “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”  The time is here now for each of us to “drift back into the truth.”  Will you step up to this great opportunity to be authentic in the life you lead?  Your health, happiness and general sense of well-being depend upon it.

Revving Up for Romance

Yes, yes, yes!  Valentine’s Day is the traditional “Hallmark” opportunity for lovers to connect by showering one another with lavish attention, expensive gift-giving, and everything in between.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, I am devoting my entire radio show to the many aspects of love:  You loving YOU – first and foremost, discovering the personal “love corners” in your home and “activating” these areas to help draw the person of your dreams into your waking state!   Love!  It’s all about LOVE on Valentine’s Day on the Purple Portal.

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 There’s lots to share when it comes to love!  The Purple Portal is a must-listen-to show for anyone with a heart!

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Feeling Lucky? Align with your Luck!

Where are YOUR personal lucky sectors in your living space?  A few lucky callers (YOU could BE one of the callers!)  will learn the location of their most powerful, life-enhancing areas of their home… and how to enhance or downplay the energies in this new year of Rooster.

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Doin’ the Happy Dance for ‘Abun-Dance’

The lunar year of Rooster began January 28th.  On February 3rd the solar new year begins and the “Flying Stars,” which hold specific energetic patterns, shift into their new slots for the year.  The movement of these “Flying Stars’ impacts your prosperity for the year.

Tune In… and PHONE IN – TODAY to my TWO HOUR Cosmic radio show devoted to Abundance.    The “Purple Portal” ,the name of my show, is a gateway to life-enhancing information.  It airs LIVE at 3:05 pm EST.

Today’s show is your golden opportunity (your “portal”) to knowledge about your personal Prosperity area for the year – as depicted by the movement of the Flying Stars.

Call in during this two-hour window TODAY – 321-806-3159.  Learn where the Prosperity area is located this year in your home, and what you can do to activate this sector to your advantage.

Lots of useful, general Prosperity tips for the year will be sprinkled throughout the show today – it’s time we all do the Happy “Abun-dance” Dance!

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Tune In TODAY – For TWO!

For TWO HOURS… Live, TODAY, at 3:05 pm EST, tune in for 2 HOURS of Feng Shui tips, insights, information and cures for the upcoming Year of the Rooster.

The “Purple Portal” is YOUR Cosmic, Feng Shui time to tune in, tap in and phone in!  So many folks phoned in last week both while I was LIVE on air and after I went off the air, that the owner of the station invited me to speak with you for 2 hours – for the next several weeks.

This is your opportunity to learn Feng Shui secrets that pertain specifically to your happiness, health and well-being.  This is your opportunity to actually learn a bit about the ancient, authentic modality of Feng Shui, The Compass Method.

Call me on air during this golden window of 2 hours.  Tell me your month and year of birth.  If you have a specific concern – let’s say you need a new career or job (or entire life purpose!) I’ll then ask you, for example, the direction of your front door… or the position of your headboard.  By intertwining the information you provide, some small scoops of helpful and potentially life-transforming information will be offered.  If you need a full scoop of information, I encourage you to connect with me for a full-on, yearly tune UP.  Go to to make your appointment.

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Your host:  Me!  Elaine Bartlett

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Sing Your Song!

The Chinese Lunar New Year is January 28th; we move into the Year of the Rooster.  Here is the vibrant, rousing wake-up call of the colorful, creative Yin Fire Rooster.

A sense of restoration and renewal fills the spirit as the delicate, barely perceptible scent of new beginnings fills the air.  Throw open the window, breathe in the subtle fragrance – all with the intention of harnessing chi in order to crow your own unique cock-a-doodle-do song for the next twelve months.

The Yin Fire combination for the Rooster energy invigorates and motivates.  The desire to operate independently is strong.  With focus, determination and precision you can reach new heights of success and prosperity.  Opportunity can come a-knocking; open the door!

Hard-hardheartedness can be replaced by a warm and genuine spirit.  Lack of confidence and low self-esteem easily bow to self-assurance.  Rigid thinking gives way to open-mindedness, acceptance and tolerance… all of this is Rooster energy at its best.

Find your voice this year and sing your special song; the song that is encoded in your sacred design. Your song carries and conveys a unique frequency which radiates endlessly. Your words/song imprint not only this world but are heard by those on the farthest star.

The Power of Words

Naturally, ones song is composed of words.  Words are powerful: they are the magic wand of creation.  That which is spoken is created.  You are a live “broadcasting tower.”   Inadvertently, by your words you transmit signals that either empower and build, or dis-empower and destroy.

If “looks could kill” carries meaning, imagine what the spoken word carries!  Have you ever “killed” anothers’ hopes, dreams, ideas, enthusiasm?  Have you ridiculed when support was sorely needed?   Gossiped?  Besmirched a reputation or held the smoking gun on a full-blown character assassination?

Perhaps you were on the receiving end and it was your hopes and dreams that were destroyed.  Whether you were the “killer” or the “killee” the spoken word, is a potentially lethal weapon.  Be conscious of the psychological suffering that is carelessly inflicted on others by the use of thoughtless, careless, biting words.  They come back to bite the sender.  Always.

In Rooster Year we have the golden opportunity to sing a Love Song to the planet  and to all of Her children.  Will your sacred song encourage, empower, uplift, inspire?  Choose your words well and wisely; after all, your words are the healing balm that is so necessary right now.  

The Desperate Division

Early this morning, while investigating and researching the incoming energies for the Year of Rooster and the shift of the Flying Stars, I was intrigued by the correlation of the Flying Stars for the incoming year… to the inauguration of a new president of the United States of America on this day.

In the Flying Star system, K’an the element Water, sits atop K’en, the element Earth.  (In the world of Feng Shui, I would say:  “K’an, the number 1 Star, flies  to the center of the Bagua.”  This configuration is in effect for the entire year.

This led me to reference the blend of these two elements (Water and Earth) in the I Ching. If you are not familiar with the power and wisdom of the I Ching, I encourage you to look into this mighty study.  It is, after all, one of the oldest, wisest Oracles/Life-Guides of all time.

To honor the energetic shift that occurred in each of us today, (like it or not) here is the message of the hexagram “Jian”, or in English, “Obstruction” # 39.

“The time is difficult for it is nothing less than the movement from the state of the union to a state of pause and retreat.  The ‘obstruction’ is internal and that is where to look for it.  To blame others is completely inappropriate.”

“Persist in self-knowledge and the block to further union will be removed.  The best course is to be still and work inwardly on your own motivations and unbalanced tendencies.  If there are difficulties in relationships, clear up your own side of the difficulty and remain as flexible as possible.  Give up fighting now and cease struggle.  The obstruction and opposition is a tension for growth.  Why might you expect things to go according to any limited views you might have?  Work hard on expanding your view and you may find the struggle has ceased.  Realize that the source of obstruction is possibly your own inner attitude.  Overcoming resentments, suspicions and doubts is essential.  To do this character must be developed.”

It actually goes on to say:  “In times of hardship a country needs a leader who is supported by the people with one heart and one mind.  If one has the right attitude, no matter what kind of hardships there are, they can be overcome.”  Ya can’t make this stuff up!

Yes, for the past year, sadly we all experienced the pain of a divided country, divided families, divided friendships.  Both the I Ching and I, as its devoted student, say:  “The division lies first in YOU; then, it is out-gassed onto the nation.”

The wound of division and separation is subtle and deep in each of us.  Only and ever, in this NOW can the desperate states of division and separation be healed.  We’ve stepped into a new cycle, you are free to liberate yourself from the pain of division. It’s your call.


The Countdown!

12 days until Year of Rooster officially begins!  Are you ready?  Have you taken down the Feng Shui “cures” and enhancements that you put in place last year?  (Hummm some of you still have cures in place from YEARS ago.  This would be the week to get them down!)

Today is a MUST-TUNE-IN day for my radio show the “Purple Portal,” as I will be reminding callers and listeners of their “personal trigram” which is key to making the proper energy adjustments for the year.

The one hour show is LIVE starting at 3:05 pm, EST.  On your computer I can be heard at:   If you have an APP, it’s TNR

The direct phone line is:  321-806-3159.  I invite and encourage you to phone in since the information that is  PACKED in your personal trigram is not only FUN, it’s downright enlightening!

TODAY!  Let’s talk FENG SHUI!  Tune IN – for your Tune UP!


Today! More Number Wisdom

We are still on the cusp of the new year; thus, it’s timely to re-energize your life with powerful information and insights from the World of Numbers.

Give me your month and year of birth, and I’ve got your number!

Once again this week, I invite you to phone in TODAY when I am LIVE on Air.  Get your personal mini look what 2017 holds in store for you.  It’s Light, fun, informative and uplifting!

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This show is global.  To access it, go to your computer and google:  or on your APP:  TNR

The number to call for your mini-pearl of wisdom and love:  321-806-3159.

Get ready for a year that sparkles with every “Fortunate Blessing!”

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