From Tipping Points to Meltdown!

Tune in today to listen to my LIVE one-hour brimming-with-light radio show at 3:05 EST.  It’s the Purple Portal – your doorway to higher, emboldened thinking to help you achieve greater insights and thus more happiness for your life.

As seems to be the norm these days, a great deal is happening cosmically.  “Cosmic and Individual Tipping Points and the Subsequent Meltdowns” is the topic for today’s show.  Are YOU having a proverbial meltdown?  Let’s “adjust the set of your sails” – not only to cope but to thrive!


I invite and encourage you to phone in with your personal “Tipping/Meltdown” story. The direct number at the radio studio is:  321-806-3159.

To listen to the show go on your computer to:;  on  your mobile devise use the APP:  TalkNetworkRadio.

My shows are archived so you can tune in as your Inner Prompter, prompts!

I look forward to sharing with you.  Tune in TODAY…Tune UPS are, well, positively UP-liftingly heavenly!


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