Drifting from the Truth

For the past three days, I have wisely invested my time in watching the docu-series:  The Truth About Vaccines.”  Yes, it is shocking and sobering for the uninitiated.  For me, since I have been investigating various aspects of our system at length – a system that is “supposedly” dedicated to protecting us and guiding us morally and ethically, this series is no surprise.  Sobering, yes; surprising, no.

Today I am firmly, consciously attempting to regain my balance and serenity.  What has caused this sense of imbalance you may wonder?  Let me assure you, it is NOT the docu-series.  Matter of fact, this series is an education everyone should/must see – for their own investigative purposes.  Well, actually, to heighten their awareness and become validly informed – which will in turn give them greater responsibility and accountability for their lives and the lives of those who look to them for guidance and protection – such as their children.

Both of Ty Bollinger’s series, The Truth About Cancer and this newest one, The Truth About Vaccines, are conscientiously informative and fact based;  the information allows viewers to make up their own mind about the safety of vaccines – for themselves and their children.

What has actually thrown me off center is the resistance to this information – resistance from well-educated people, whether they be those in the medical profession or parents and guardians of our precious little children.  The resistance, the indifference, the ridicule, the eyes rolling…it’s horrifying to witness.

The very fact (disclosed in part 2 of the series) that the few Scientists who stand upright in honesty and integrity have been silenced – one way or another, is excruciatingly painful to me.  It should be painful to you as well because, assuredly, some of your lives have been irrevocably altered by this silence.

George Orwell eloquently stated:  “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”  The time is here now for each of us to “drift back into the truth.”  Will you step up to this great opportunity to be authentic in the life you lead?  Your health, happiness and general sense of well-being depend upon it.

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