Feeling Lucky? Align with your Luck!

Where are YOUR personal lucky sectors in your living space?  A few lucky callers (YOU could BE one of the callers!)  will learn the location of their most powerful, life-enhancing areas of their home… and how to enhance or downplay the energies in this new year of Rooster.

If you can’t call in, e-mail me your birthday and I’ll send you the information FREE!  (email:  purpleportal777@gmail.com)

As always, I have LOTS to share with you today so be sure to tune in at 3:05 pm EST.  Seems I have so dang much to share weekly that the show, at least for now, is two hours.  With so much negativity floating around, together, you and I can simply BE the Light that we are.  It’s much easier together… which is the point of this radio show.

To listen LIVE – TODAY:  on your computer at:  listen.talknetworkradio.com or on your APP: TNR     Phone in at: 321-806-3159

The shows are also archived so that you can tune in as your Inner Prompter – prompts.  The show is called “The Purple Portal.”

Also, be sure to visit my website:  http://www.hierconsciousness.com.  You’ll feel – well, HIGHER (Hier!) and you can order my simple yet powerful new book:  Prosperity Portal:  A Cosmic Gateway to the Land of Plenty.”

Tune In Today… For Your Tune UP!




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