Revving Up for Romance

Yes, yes, yes!  Valentine’s Day is the traditional “Hallmark” opportunity for lovers to connect by showering one another with lavish attention, expensive gift-giving, and everything in between.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, I am devoting my entire radio show to the many aspects of love:  You loving YOU – first and foremost, discovering the personal “love corners” in your home and “activating” these areas to help draw the person of your dreams into your waking state!   Love!  It’s all about LOVE on Valentine’s Day on the Purple Portal.

Tune in at 3:05 pm EST – on your computer: or on your mobile APP:  TNR      All my shows are archived for your later listening pleasure!

The two hour show is broadcast LIVE; thus, you are invited and encouraged to phone in for some one-on-one personal “love coaching” – 321-806-3159.

 There’s lots to share when it comes to love!  The Purple Portal is a must-listen-to show for anyone with a heart!

Tune In… for Your Tune UP!

Feeling Lucky? Align with your Luck!

Where are YOUR personal lucky sectors in your living space?  A few lucky callers (YOU could BE one of the callers!)  will learn the location of their most powerful, life-enhancing areas of their home… and how to enhance or downplay the energies in this new year of Rooster.

If you can’t call in, e-mail me your birthday and I’ll send you the information FREE!  (email:

As always, I have LOTS to share with you today so be sure to tune in at 3:05 pm EST.  Seems I have so dang much to share weekly that the show, at least for now, is two hours.  With so much negativity floating around, together, you and I can simply BE the Light that we are.  It’s much easier together… which is the point of this radio show.

To listen LIVE – TODAY:  on your computer at: or on your APP: TNR     Phone in at: 321-806-3159

The shows are also archived so that you can tune in as your Inner Prompter – prompts.  The show is called “The Purple Portal.”

Also, be sure to visit my website:  You’ll feel – well, HIGHER (Hier!) and you can order my simple yet powerful new book:  Prosperity Portal:  A Cosmic Gateway to the Land of Plenty.”

Tune In Today… For Your Tune UP!