Tune In TODAY – For TWO!

For TWO HOURS… Live, TODAY, at 3:05 pm EST, tune in for 2 HOURS of Feng Shui tips, insights, information and cures for the upcoming Year of the Rooster.

The “Purple Portal” is YOUR Cosmic, Feng Shui time to tune in, tap in and phone in!  So many folks phoned in last week both while I was LIVE on air and after I went off the air, that the owner of the station invited me to speak with you for 2 hours – for the next several weeks.

This is your opportunity to learn Feng Shui secrets that pertain specifically to your happiness, health and well-being.  This is your opportunity to actually learn a bit about the ancient, authentic modality of Feng Shui, The Compass Method.

Call me on air during this golden window of 2 hours.  Tell me your month and year of birth.  If you have a specific concern – let’s say you need a new career or job (or entire life purpose!) I’ll then ask you, for example, the direction of your front door… or the position of your headboard.  By intertwining the information you provide, some small scoops of helpful and potentially life-transforming information will be offered.  If you need a full scoop of information, I encourage you to connect with me for a full-on, yearly tune UP.  Go to http://www.hierconsciousness.com to make your appointment.

Tune in at 3:05 pm.  At your computer and go to: listen.talknetworkradio.com  The shows are also archived at: talknetworkradio.com   To phone in:  321-806-3159

It’s the “Purple Portal” – your gateway to life-enhancing information!

Your host:  Me!  Elaine Bartlett

Tune In for Your Tune UP!


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