2017 – I’ve Got Your Number; Do YOU?

New Year…New Energies readily available!  What frequency are YOU stepping into and how can you make the best use of these energies for support, nourishment and prosperity?

Phone in TODAY when I am LIVE on Air for a mini-insight into your year ahead.

Here’s how:  Go to your computer or use the App on your phone, Android or tablet.

The APP is:  TNR for Talk Network Radio.  On your computer – at 3:00 pm EST go to:          listen.talknetworkradio.com  The news is first; I begin at 3:05 pm.

You can call in for you FREE mini-pearl of insight at: 321-806-3159

Be sure to visit my once-again “fluffed up” website:  www.hierconsciousness.com to check out and purchase my NEW book and/or CD:  Prosperity Portal: A Cosmic Gateway to the Land of Plenty.  

This is the year to prosper…as you will hear today on my radio show!

TUNE IN…for your TUNE UP!

3 thoughts on “2017 – I’ve Got Your Number; Do YOU?

  1. I was so close hearing the NPR broadcast…if I only had stayed on longer. Talk soon. Have a great show.



    Kate O’Rourke Gawryluk
    Executive Assistant
    Celgene Corporation
    86 Morris Avenue
    Summit, NJ 07901


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