Angelic Prep-Time for New Vibrations!

Last week on the radio, I devoted the time to aligning my energy with that of the Angel Kingdom.  With their help and guidance, I shared helpful mini-Angelic messages with those who phoned in to the station.  Good news/bad news – so many folks phoned in (that’s the good news, thank you!) that I couldn’t take lots of the calls (bad news!)

The powerful, healing energy of the Angelic Kingdom is especially vibrant during the entire holiday season. TODAY, with the assistance of the Angels, I will once again share FREE mini-messages with those who are guided to phone the radio studio. (321-806-3159)  

Today’s messages will  pertain to areas – emotionally, mentally and spiritually – that YOU may need to examine and investigate in order to be fully prepared for the new, incoming 2017 vibrations.

Today!  3:00 pm EST!  Tune in via your computer, I Phone or Android to my weekly Cosmic radio show, the Purple Portal.   Go to:

Also, check out my website: to purchase my new e-book and audio CD – Prosperity Portal: A Cosmic Gateway to the Land of Plenty.  In it’s simplicity, it’s powerful and transformative!

Mini “Fluff-UP” of Your Holiday Halo

Is your heavenly holiday halo slightly off-kilter in these count-down days to Christmas and Hanukkah?   Great news!  TODAY, at 3:00 pm EST, phone in to my radio studio for a FREE, On-Air simple, clear, powerful, brief Angel Message.

Here’s how you do it:  Via your computer, go to:  You can also download the FREE App  TNR.  The direct phone number is 321-806-3159.                           The first business of the day on my show is always the Cosmic Weather Report.  Today, I’ll keep it brief, so that I can devote time and energy to YOUR Halo Fluffing!

A heavenly ” halo fluffin” is just That… Heavenly!

Also, please check out my website:  Something VERY DELIGHTFUL was “birthed” over the weekend and is now available.  From the Home Page, scroll to “Store.”  Yahoo!

We are Talkin’ ANGELS Today!

Tis the season for the energy of the Angelic Kingdom to be easily tapped and tuned into – just like my new Radio Show, The Purple Portal!   Tune IN to be tuned UP!

During today’s show, Angels are the “hot topic.”  It promises to be a perfectly Angelic show!

TODAY!  At 3:00 pm, EST – go to your computer, I phone or Android and pull up:    Or download the free “app” – TNR

Let’s talk!  Phone in today with your Angel experiences… OR, ask if the Angels have a message for you while I’m on the air!  Call 321-806-3159.