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“Beachside” Buddy

Things have cooled off a bit (at least by Florida standards) making this the perfect evening for a brisk walk “beachside.”  Known by the natives as “beachside” this beautiful strip of land lies between the Ocean and the Intracoastal waterway.  One can walk through quaint neighborhoods or walk right up close and personal to the Atlantic Ocean.  I like to do both.

My loop consists of walking through one neighborhood, east to the ocean, saluting and honoring my BFF, Grande Dame Ocean, then looping/loping back west through a different sweet neighborhood.

Our recent Hurricane Matthew sorted the men from the boys when it came to fences and trees.  Thus, many properties display massive piles of debris awaiting the county clean-up crews’ services.  Nonetheless,  neighbors are friendly, and the walk always renews my spirit.

This evening however was extra special.  I was on the westward loop, loping along contentedly, when what to my wondering eyes should appear (too early for Santa!) but a magnificent Peacock just prancing to and fro in a neighbor’s front yard in all his glory.  With childlike glee I was captivated by the presence of this magical creature.  Gently, quietly, softly I began to tell him how beautiful he was and that I loved him.  Ever so timidly, he began to approach me.

As Mr Peacock deliberated about coming much closer to this “cooing” humanoid, a gentleman on a bicycle interrupted our about-to-be tete-a-tete.  With my enthusiasm overflowing, I happily shared this incredible display of Nature.  We both stood watching in awe.  Presently, we were joined by  a neighbor who was out strolling with her two puppies.  Mr Peacock had a fan club!

In spite of the adulation of admiring fans, Mr Peacock lost interest is our little street party and he began to wander off down the lane.  Can’t say I blame him; the price of adulation is high!

Bidding one and all farewell for the evening, for me, the story didn’t end there.  Naturally, I had to come home and research the meaning of the Peacock as a sacred, spiritual totem. What was this spirit-brother telling me?

“The Peacock is a protective and powerful bird.  The tail display of the male is associated with the radiance of the sun, with royalty and immortality.  It is an emblem not only of rebirth but also of the starry firmament, and therefore cosmic unity.  Because of its many eyes, it has been associated with wisdom and vision – heightened watchfulness.  This great bird may play an interesting role in the next phase of ones life!”

Wow.  This year has been an intense, re-birthing cycle for me on many levels.  With great commitment, I am invested in honoring fully Who I am and recognizing “I am That.”  This deep recognition is opening doorways into deeper understanding of my Star family and cosmic unity, as well as affording me a profound grasp on the knowingness that we were never born and we never die – thus, immortality.

So my “Beachside” Buddy, thank you for materializing this evening.  I appreciate you and your extraordinary messages and honor all that you are…as I am That!

To Bee or Not to Be; To Be or Not to Bee

Michael is a gentle giant of a man.  Seemingly he could lift the world on his shoulders;  his expansive spirit matches his physical prowess.

Married to my dear friend, Michael walks through life cleverly disguised as a  plumber, but I know better.  This great spirit is a nurturer, a lover of life and land.   Focus, attention, persistence and diligence are the tools that he brings to his day job. To his love of Nature, add tenderness and joy, and you have a massive garden that not only feeds his family of four but also a veritable army of friends and neighbors.

Last year, with a sense of wonderment and delight, Michael explored the delicate art of “beekeeping.”  Family members, ever cognizant of his deft hand with Nature, made certain that Santa gifted him with the necessary equipment with which to start his own beehive.  A dream was being born.

Various members of the “Michael-beehive-team” supplied such items as an all-in-one hive starter kit, bee frames, jacket, helmet, gloves, hot knife, honey extractor, a smoker for calming the dear bees (wonder if they have a “people-smoker!) and of course, the Queen Bee.

Christmas, in Michael’s eyes and heart, was a huge success last year and he looked forward eagerly to the day when he could begin the bee-journey.  In record time, Michael mastered this delicate art and reveled in sharing the intricacies of beekeeping with his daughters.  Patiently, he would explain the vital role bees play in our lives as these beautiful creatures are “pollinators.”

Under Michael’s watch eye and loving ministrations, the hive thrived!  The hive swelled to a bee count of over 40,000; it produced nearly 4 gallons of what I’ve heard was positively heavenly honey.

And then…!  One fine morning recently, our bee hero and one of his daughters went to tend the little bee kingdom only to discover what is called a “Colony Collapse.”  All 40,000 of his precious little friends lay dead on the ground.  Feeling heartsick and sad, Michael carefully examined the little bodies; death by pesticide.

It’s unclear if the neighbors’ crop spray was the culprit, or had the bees ingested the poison as they attempted to live their divine design – pollinate – only this time in territory that was not safe.

Bees are mystical creatures; they are teachers and way-showers.  One of their simplest, most profound teachings is the importance of kissing the flowers of life and extracting the sweet essence.  The analogy is evident.  See life as filled with flowers and your ‘job’ is to extract the sweetness from every flower (situation) to create the “honey” in your life.

Ask yourself, “Am I making honey or, is my personal mental pesticide prohibiting me generating and harvesting the honey of my Life?”

True and lasting sweetness is found in the BEE…the BE! – the BE of Life! This powerful tiny, insect issues the command BEE! May these sacred little spirits not have died in vain, but rather may they BEE testimony to the singular, silent power of BE.




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