An Outsider Looking In

For my radio show today, this is the BLOG I wrote this morning and presented.

Many people may be suffering from a seemingly peculiar hang-over today.  It’s the hang-over generated from dark opinion, false judgment, polarity and hatred.  Frankly, guzzling a gallon of ‘hooch’ although toxic in nature, may have been kinder on the soul.

Last evening a hate-filled debacle termed a debate between two sorrowful, distortion-guided souls was offered to the American public for their viewing pleasure.  Unfortunately, due to the marvels of technology and global communication, to the detriment of Americans, this torturous hate-fest was shown or heard globally.

I use the word “unfortunately” because I am ashamed of us, and for us, as Americans.  Once upon a time – long, long ago, America was regarded with respect as carriers of Truth and Hope.   We have strayed far from that Golden Pathway of Integrity, Honor and Unity.

As if by design from the Dark Forces, we brazenly displayed to the entire world our own darker side of righteousness, tyranny and haughtiness, as well as our allegiance to separation and hatred. This is precisely how we are tearing our country to shreds and losing any remaining morsels of respect that peoples of other countries may have retained.

Perhaps YOU are one of the misguided beings where mind-control and spirit-awareness have run amok.  For clarification here, you would have been the one hanging on every word from either candidate – critically screaming and screeching for “your”personal favorite to win – rather like the days of the horrid Roman Circuses. Perhaps you are so caught in the web/matrix of your own disheveled thinking that you are no longer even aware of the dangerous path you are treading…and the trap into which you have been lured.

After the first six minutes, with stomach churning, I’d had enough of these dear puppets to last a lifetime.  Enough of the staged snickering, condescending glances, the contempt that was palpable, the bickering, the pervasive ill-will (a GROSS misuse of Divine Will), the hostility that permeated the air waves… and the hatred.  The hatred that was so pervasive that I wondered how the viewing population would actually feel on the day after – IF they are even able to tap into their feelings, or have they completely become unthinking, unfeeling automatons?

After my very brief attempt to watch these two souls who are entrapped in their own personal “Roman Circus”, my precious physical temple felt psychically bruised, riddled with anxiety, disoriented and so very sorrowful.

Oddly, my sense of sorrow is not for the two sparring partners.  Individually they have soul-contracts which they are honoring.  My sorrow is for YOU – you and all of the citizens of the world that are caught in webs of contempt, condemnation, and ill-will toward brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors and those whom you have never met.

Indeed, I am cognizant of the Age of Kali (confusion, chaos and quarrels) as it comes to a close.  Thus, I practice non-attachment to your actions and behavior.  I do, however, care about your inability to evolve due to your harmful hate-filled, separatist thoughts, words and beliefs.

And on this day-after,many of you will continue to cling to some weird emotional “rush” of sorts due to your discussions and gossip around the water-cooler.

Esoterically, both contestants lost. YOU lost.  The country and the world lost last night.  Dignity was compromised, grace was non-existent, honor, truth and wisdom didn’t even show their faces.  To me, the evening was a sad, shame-filled event; perhaps this is now the new norm, and sadly it’s what much of the world, if not the entire world, expects of the United Sates of America.

Often these days I feel like an Alien – a visitor from some distant Star System where Compassion, Love, Kindness and Oneness are the frequency of the land.  A place where ONE-ness has long since replaced WON-ness.

Even with a heavy heart, I trust that their are legions of Aliens among us.  May we connect with one another to restore the lost planet Earth to Her rightful heritage – along with Her children who have forgotten the meaning of UNITY and LOVE.

“As long as you remain in one extreme or another you will NEVER know Oneness.”






Autumn Equinox

Happy “Perfect-Balance Day!”

Some of you have to dig a bit more feverishly than those who use the tools of meditation or contemplation to allow that aspect of yourself to surface.

Perfect Balance is deeply embedded in your Core.  Dig!  Cultivating Inner Balance is the key to your health and happiness.  Dig some more!!

Bring It On!

Tomorrow, September 9, 2016, in the world of energy and frequencies adds to the number 27.  The number 27 equals 9; closure, completion.  You are done with ALL that holds you back from allowing your true radiance and magnificence to really glow.

Use this powerful frequency to your advantage.  For the one zillionth time, examine what needs changing in your physical realm.  This will be a day where the energy supports your ability to LET GO.  Let go of everything that no longer serves you – from a wardrobe that’s no longer a vibration that makes your physical body want to do the ‘happy dance’, to disappointments, to unworthiness, to pain, to confusion, to grudges, resentments, relationships that are dis-empowering, jobs that turn you into an automation, and of course, beliefs – ANY beliefs that encourage discord, chaos and hatred.

Just as you were carefully, painstakingly, taught to hate and fear, the amazing energies of this day (9/9/2016) can help you unlearn these multi-lifetime learnings, and transform yourself back into the unique and VERY REAL Love-Being that you actually are – under all those layers of gook generated by error-thinking.

9!  9!  9!  Bring it on!

What’s NEW?!?

My NEW weekly, one-hour, LIVE Talk Radio Program!  It promises to be fun, uplifting, inspiring and thought-provoking – all that’s fit to be discussed in the Cosmos!

For those of you dear souls who are connected to me via the energy of The Purple Pear, the name of my show should make you feel warm and fuzzy:  The Purple Portal! 

When?  Tuesday, September 6th at 3:00 pm EST

Where?  For finding me easily, go to:  You are invited to CALL IN at 321-806-3159 with questions or comments.

May this humble yet powerful Purple Portal be your gateway to greater enlightenment and empowerment!  Please listen in and join in, if you are so prompted and inspired!


The Burden of Wisdom

Folks on this plane(t) often seem to thrive on confusion, chaos and discord.  The suggestion of taking time to meditate, contemplate, be silent and reflect seems offensive, repugnant and repulsive.  Then the wonderment sets in as to why after 5 years, 10 years, or even a lifetime, the chaos and lack of real love continues to reside in the spectrum of their consciousness.

This is a self-help reality for each individual on this plane(t).  It is also a free will zone in this particular Universe.  Souls clamor to be here because of these two gifts.  Remarkably, neither are seen as gifts and are thus regularly abused, misused and distorted.

The self-help portion of your existence is aided and enhanced by aligning with The Silence, via contemplation and meditation.  With these two tools you come to an understanding of the unity of yourself and all that you see.

With free will, you consciously choose to abide by the Law of Love, the supreme Law of this Universe and countless other spheres of reality.

“Wisdom is rather a lonely matter; you must accept this truth as you acquire the burden of wisdom.”  Remember, “Wisdom is the greatest pearl.”

Perhaps this day is the day you will consciously choose to trade in your chaos, confusion and discord and live and breathe in the area of the free will zone that supports a loving reality, based on the Law of Oneness.