Fire Monkey MONTH, in Fire Monkey YEAR

This ought to be an interesting 30 day cycle!  Yesterday, August 7, began the MONTH of Fire Monkey; this frequency is with us until September 7 when we enter the month of Fire Rooster.  Yesterday also began the three month cycle of the ‘energetic’ season of Autumn.

Here’s a quick refresher on some of the vibrations contained in Fire Monkey Year:  Monkey is the artisan, the scribe, the trickster, the playful agent of magical illusion.  The counter-point of ‘illusion’ is ‘dis-illusion.’  Many of your long-held, dearly cherished ‘illusions’ are up for grabs in Monkey Year, as disillusionment sweeps over key areas of your life.

With Monkey energy, the status of things (called your Life) changes very unexpectedly and rapidly. Expect the unexpected!  Greater opportunities to rise above obstacles, to excel and go beyond what you had believed (judged) to be your normal capabilities, thoughts and experiences are manifesting for you.

Awareness is being heightened and culled, allowing for greater transparency and clarity (which is causing discomfort and often chaos in both individual  lives and the collective consciousness.)

Galactic alignments, re-alignments and ‘mis-alignments’ are occurring so rapidly that one barely has time to recover their breath from the last ‘staged’ event.

And then…..ta da, we step into FIRE MONKEY MONTH;  you now have a double-dose of the same frequencies.  And the Cosmic humor is that there is nothing to prepare for because you can only expect the unexpected!

With the double-dip of the Fire element and the fact that Monkey energy contains both Metal and Water (trust me on that one….it’s super-advanced Feng Shui material) it could do some very interesting things in the money arena.  In the Reductive Cycle of elements, Fire melts Metal (Metal = money.)  And, once again, the mantra:  “expect the unexpected!!”

This month could bring more than a healthy share of “melt-downs” – the mind being on complete over-dose – due to lack of centering and grounding and severe cases or worry and over-think.  This would not be the month to indulge in sweets;  sugar (and things which turn to sugar quickly) exacerbates worry and fear, destabilizes you from the center out, and collapses the subtle chi.

Yesterday we stepped into what is called “Metal Season” (Autumn.)   During this three month cycle, your Lung chi is more vulnerable; this includes your Respiratory System.  Learn to protect your neck and upper back from the Wind  to curb respiratory issues.  

The emotions of sadness, sorrow and grief. are connected to the Lung Meridian.   Old, deeply buried, grief-filled emotions may finally rise to the surface to be healed.  I encourage you to be brave and let the ‘gook’ come come into the Light.  You can’t go forward unless you take the responsibility to heal yourself.  Then and only then, can the world begin to heal.  For far too long we have been conditioned and programmed to bury our wounds.

If you haven’t been disillusioned yet by all of the deception, dark and dirty deeds, and hidden agendas of those who have taken control of your reality – this month would be the ideal time to face the disillusionment squarely.   Rub the sand from you eyes, begin to fearlessly question, and ask for the grace and courage to see – really see.   Yes, your long-held beliefs that you have clung to so dearly will shift.  Yes, the ability to shine more gloriously will be made available to you.  Yes,  you are worth waking up for!  

Welcome to the Double Fire Monkey energy!  You CAN swing to the next branch of heightened awareness effortlessly… if you just believe and let go of that darn branch you’ve insisted on clinging to for what seems like eons!



Control Tower Tremors

“One who can control his/her life can bring life to all others.”  The reverse is sobering to contemplate.  Many souls are completely out of control as they spew anger, discord and hostility.  Please, do a cross-check to make sure YOU are not one of these souls!

When you sachet through life with attachments, opinions and judgments, you inadvertently upset the natural balance wheel of your body, mind and spirit.  The obstructions created by polarizing thoughts and beliefs actually obstruct the Divine Expression of your Essence.  You can be defensive and argue differently;  this simply demonstrates that, unfortunately, you have become deadened to the actual physical fall-out to which you are exposing your physical temple.

Here’s how it works:  belief in polarity (outer separation – usually riddled with anger, hostility, righteousness) eventually splits the frequency of wholeness with which your inner body, mind and spirit is encoded.

You know the old saying: “the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s  connected to… etc., etc.”  Your precious, sacred Chi operates in precisely the same manner.  In the cycle of Transformation:  The ‘Heart” Bone (poetic license, please!) is connected to the Kidney Chi or Reproductive/Creative Chi.  The Kidney Chi Transforms the Stomach or Digestive Chi.  The Stomach Chi Transforms the Liver or Purification Chi and this in turn transforms the Lung/Respiratory Chi.

If you have unwittingly exposed your Inner Control Tower to tremors, now would be the time to review the damage before one of your ‘wheels’, (organs or system frequency such as digestive, reproductive, purification, circulatory or respiratory system) squawks loudly.

The danger of dancing with duality is something that I sense many of you do not want to explore very deeply.  Trust me on this one…. in this case, ‘ignorance is NOT bliss.’  You will very much need an open, loving heart, clear mind, healthy body and strong spirit in the coming days and months.  None of this can be achieved via duality.