Day Out of Time

The insightful, delightful and ancient Serbian Proverb says: “You are made of stars!”  And so it is.  As a star traveler, this is a unique and important day for you.  Today, you have the Divine Energy at your disposal  to celebrate and more fully embody your ‘star consciousness’ as you help to usher in a new stage in the evolution of Human Consciousness.

The Day Out of Time is the last day of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar; a day which is no day of the week or month at all!  This is the day to celebrate your galactic heritage and your individual, unique star power.

It’s a day of creative unification.   While driving home from my morning beach walk, appropriately, Bette Midler was on the radio singing “From a Distance.”  The words of that song are powerful and truthful. “God is watching us…”  Perhaps we should rally and demand that to be our National Anthem!

Energetically, today is observed as a day of reverence.  (I do sigh, however, thinking that every day MUST, once again,  be a day of reverence .)  Today is a powerful day of flux.  Translation: YOU have great opportunities NOW to change your thinking!  Realign you energies; dig down deeply to rediscover your heart and souls’ true desire.

The energy of what is termed a Galactic Activation Portal is at your disposal.  This is a very powerful, high resonance ‘Portal’ that is encoded with tremendous clarity.  On this day, the heavens touch the earth; spirit and matter unite.  Delight in what you bring to this planet and let your true star-self shine brightly.

PS  This is the ideal cycle to understand how the galactic energies will impact your reality for the next year.  Contact me for your personal consultation to learn your Galactic Signature and your role as a star-being.


No! Not Me!

During this brief purification cycle prior to the Galactic New Year on July 26, it’s wise to purify both your physical diet as well as your mental and emotional diet.

For cleansing the physical body by now, hopefully, you know the drill.  No caffeine, dairy, sugars….yada, yada, yada – including ‘eat less, chew more….and do both mindfully!’

The mental and emotional bodies are more subtle and thus trickier to cleanse.  From my perspective of loving detachment, it appears that many souls in the United States would benefit by engaging in a “hate cleanse” – both mentally and emotionally!

Our present elections have been the ‘perfect and Divine opportunity’ to see full-on our own deepest, hidden fears and hatreds.  Both parties have exemplified and magnified that which is buried in the human subconsciousness.  Nothing more.

Oh, you may bristle and say: “Not me. I’m not a criminal; I have no prejudices.”  That which you hate about either candidate, those ‘delightful little trigger points’ are nothing more than deeply embodied gook that you and your ancestors have been carrying for ages.

I gently encourage you to carefully and lovingly examine YOU.  If you are brave, you can take the most glaring ‘trigger points’ of either candidate and genuinely see where that piece of hatred is lodged in YOU.  Interestingly, you may discover that the deep-seated hatred is actually self-hatred – which of course, both candidates exude.

Once you ‘own’ your part in the drama that has been unfolding for what feels like eons, you can sincerely invoke forgiveness, and ask for greater understanding and compassion.

By stoking the Violet Flame which embodies forgiveness, understanding and compassion, I AM certain this country can stand with pride ~ purified and unified.  Only upon the heels of this kind of Transformation can we return to a state of health, prosperity and peace.

Looking for Volunteers

Once-upon-a time there was a beautiful country, where neighbors trusted neighbors, friends were reliable and true, a policeman was your protector and campaigns were far less dirty, deceitful and repugnant.  Perhaps though, I am dreaming it.  After all, I AM a dreamer.

Now, this once-upon-a-time country  is soiled and unfortunately spoiled.  It’s citizens are filled with anger, rage and hatred.  They rage within themselves but believe it’s due to outside forces.  It is not.  The inferno is always within.  Unfortunately the inner inferno of each individual feeds the raging external inferno.  And the fires grow.  The hatred mounts, as does judgment, ill-will, and the blatant misuse of will.  The horrors of separation grow stronger as polarity works its insidious charm.

Any volunteers out there  willing to put down their bitterness, hatred, sense of righteousness, judgement and ill-will?  Where two or more ‘dream together’ (to paraphrase a great saying), surely we can dream into reality a once-upon-a-time loving, healthy, beautiful county, peopled with citizens who return to tranquility, equilibrium and, yes, Love ~ Love for them self and for all others that they have willfully determined, or simply forgot, were a reflection, nay, an aspect of their true self.

In the words of the Beatles: “Some folks say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”  I deeply believe that there are still many dreamers out there who are just as heart-broken as I over the ‘State of Broken’ that permeates this once-upon-a-time country.

Together we can “Dream the Impossible Dream.”

Galactic New Year Fast Approaching

“You are a star traveler.  You have come a long way to be on the planet at this specific time. You are here to raise the frequency of yourself and of your fellow travelers on the Earth.  You are to embody galactic wholeness. Welcome to a new stage in                      the evolution of Human Consciousness.”      From Star Travelers 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity”

The above message came to me last year about this time.  I resonated with it and embraced its Truths and thus, naturally, went on a learning spree.  To my friends in the northeast, I promise, next year, if the gods co-operate, I’ll come and teach a seminar on my new findings.  The material is too intricate to share in a simple blog but I will give you the brief over-view and highlights as to the importance of these next few days.

 Admittedly its a tad late in the day to be sharing with you that TODAY (7/21) is the start of a 5-day end-of-the Tzolkin-year purification cycle.  In the ideal world, you were to begin a thorough internal cleansing; tomorrow is the next best thing to today!

The cleansing is to be coupled with a clearing out of all that no longer serves you or brings you joy, or both!

The fifth day of this purification process, July 25, is called “Day Out of Time.”  This day is observed as a day free of time; a day of reverence.  This is a Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity.  “All and nothing exists simultaneously.”  This day is a powerful place of flux where the feminine aspect is strong.  This is the day to take some quality time to realign your energies and reckon with your heart and soul’s desires. It’s a day of universal forgiveness (what a concept!) and peace (again, what a concept!)

The Galactic New Year begins 7/26/2016.  We are moving into what is called the Blue Spectral Storm Year.  Within the next few days, I’ll share what this energy holds for us individually and collectively.  In the meantime, start to detox.  You just might start that process by turning off the television, finding a comfy chair and contemplating your galactic heritage!

About face….

ONLY as you feel and face your fears, no matter how dark and dense, and hold them gently in the Love/Light energy field, will they be dissolved and dispelled.  Confusion, depression and repression will melt with the warmth of the Sun – which resides within you regardless of your beliefs.

Embody truth and love ~ your aura will expand with this simple Light technique, and your starlight will will brighten this world as She hobbles toward Her destiny of brilliance…just like your destiny!

Deep inside, you really do know you are a “twinkler!”

Oufff…and Oh My!

Today seemed like the ideal day to more completely immerse myself in 21st Century consciousness pertaining to shopping techniques.  All systems were eager and up for the challenge.  Focus – good. Concentration – strong!  No line… and I deemed the stars were perfectly aligned.

I was determined to master the self-checkout in the grocery store!  On one or two other occasions, I had attempted to connect with the 21st Century by mastering this simple act, but had met with limited success.  Heck, I’ve somewhat mastered an Android (whose very name originally terrified me) so what could possibly be so difficult about checking out a few measly groceries?  Wish I knew!

Positioned squarely in front of the machine, I did indeed figure out how to open the screen.  Victory.  From there on tho, things deteriorated rapidly.  Slide the item and get it into the bag; what could be so hard?  Something in the ‘slide’…’bag’…’quickly’ …. scan, bag next item – threw me.   Anxiety oozed on in and I suddenly wondered were the stars really perfectly aligned for this odious task?

Next item, a simple 1 pound bag of cherries.  I scanned and the screen shot back a whopping $8.69.  Yikes!  Okay, so they were Organic cherries, but I think I could buy a whole tree for that much money.  “No!” says my inner self…”you are not getting those cherries!” Fine, but how do I undo the purchase?  I push the HELP button, realize a line is now forming and little ‘angst beads’ suddenly are running helter-skelter over my forehead.

The dear, very young HELP person arrives.  He must have a grandmother that he loves because he was painfully kind, which we all know is rare these days unless you have a grandmother you adore!  His fingers went like lightning as he keyed in countless codes to “un-do” the bag of cherries.  In a conspiratorial whisper he said he wouldn’t buy those cherries either at that price.

Thankfully, he looked in the cart and noticed a cantaloupe that had no bar code.  More lightning fingers on the screen to enter in the unknown price. Mission accomplished and off he sails into the wilderness.  Bravely, I ignore the growing line and my angst beads of sweat and firmly I remind myself: “I can do this.”

The darling machine then announced that I didn’t want to bag the next item.  Why it decided that is anyone’s guess.  I DID want to bag the item!  Okay…. remain calm.

Mr Machine seemed to suddenly grow more impatient and annoyed with me than I was with it. (Notice, please, I was now addressing ‘him’ formally as Mr Machine.  I’m fairly certain it was a ‘him’ – a ‘her’ machine would perhaps have been gentler, I think.)

In Mr. Machine’s impatience, he began to go into ‘lock-down mode’;  he was not accepting another purchase.  Need I say, I had more ‘stuff’ to check out.  And the line…ohhh, the line!

As hope and calm were fading,  out of the ethers  comes Helpful Person Number 2.  She must have gotten the memo from Helpful Person Number 1 to be kind to this struggling lady.  (Perhaps she has a grandmother she loves as well, one never knows!   This was not the time nor the place to ask about her family tree.)

Her fingers, too, moved like lightning; must be part of the job requirement – “fingers that move like lightning or don’t bother applying!”  Thanks to her adroit fingers, she managed to somehow reboot Mr. Machine.  I was left to my own devises to rekindle my relationship with Mr. Machine and finish checking out my goodies.  (Who even wants the ‘stuff’ by this tenuous point?)

The drive home provided ample time for me mop my brow and reflect on what had just transpired.  The good news is that it felt as if I had lost 5 pounds in ‘angst beads.’  The bad news is that I am absolutely not one step closer to integrating myself correctly into 21st Century shopping-consciousness.  I may just skip this level altogether and head straight into Cosmic Consciousness.  Sounds like a perfect plan!




Perfect Peace

During our collective Transition Cycle, with all of the turmoil, discord, deception, divisiveness and denial that’s swirling around in the media, in our hearts, and thus in the very ethers and air which we breathe, it is quite challenging to remain lovingly detached and neutral.

The feeling activity of Life is the most unguarded point of human consciousness.  It is the accumulated energy by which thoughts are propelled into the atomic substance, and thus thoughts become things.  When you don’t guard, monitor and manage your thoughts and feelings really carefully, you contribute to  (and create!) the discord and disconnect that is occurring on this planet.  It cannot be emphasized strongly enough the importance of guarding your feelings and controlling your emotions as this is how you can maintain balance in your mind, health in the body and success and accomplishment in your personal and professional world.  Thoughts never become things, until they are clothed and fueled with feeling.  Write that in your heart!

The greatest crime in the Universe against the Law of Love is humanity’s almost ceaseless sending forth of irritable and destructive feeling.  Seems ‘criminality’ has reached new heights these days!

Bad news…he or she who cannot or will not control their thoughts and feelings, opens the door of consciousness to the disintegrating activities thrown off by the minds and emotions of other personalities.

Good news…you can choose to discipline yourself and carefully control your thoughts, using free will to transform the discordant feelings; you can refuse to allow “separation” to into your reality.  We are ONE.

As you practice guarding and leashing your thoughts and feelings, the rich, nourishing Life Force flows effortlessly through you , your family, neighborhood, and eventually the world.  This is called Peace on Earth.  Practice not only makes ‘perfect’… it makes for Perfect Peace!

PS  This is the optimum time to stay away from all that disturbs you (such as the ‘news’) and invoke the Violet Flame for protection and peace.

License Plate-of-the-Year Award

goes to…“T R A N S 4 MD”    As I pulled into a parking space yesterday, happily, I noticed the license plate of the car next to me.  Under the Law of ONE, this sure made my day… no more waiting ~ Transformation is in full swing NOW – for you… for me!

No wonder I hurried back to clean my closets and change my Facebook photo; yahoo! A new day has dawned!  (In part, this could be due to the intense work of a positively heavenly Acupuncturist I have had the good fortune of encountering. This angelic being gives a treatment that makes me once again feel as if I could indeed walk on water!  Um, I think that’s actually part of our divine heritage and is clearly mentioned in our individual “Wake-UP packages.)

As one of my great I Ching Teachers says:  “When chi is high, one can triumph over all negativity; when it is low, one will be prey to it.”  If your chi is low (chi = energy), PLEASE, adjust your nutrition, take the proper supplements and herbs to enhance your particular body and circumstances, AND ask for the blessing of an integrity-filled, knowledgeable, angelic Acupuncturist or Natural Healer to brighten and heighten your chi!

As I wrote in my book:  Spiritual Law:  A Handbook to Higher Truth,   “Wave your magic wand; turn into your Higher Self.”  I AM Transformation!

Carry on.