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My studies this year find me delving into what is called the Galactic Calendar and the concept of Timelessness (accessed by opening oneself and embodying galactic consciousness).  The lesson of this day connected me with an individual in Hawaii who shared some interesting information based on cosmic calculations and good old Western Astrology.

He shared the following:  At the Wesak Full Moon on April 22, a powerful Impulse of Love was directed to this planet.  It’s energy is extremely strong as it is coming from both inside our Solar System as well as outside our Solar System.  This energy configuration is in position to assist us  during these transition times. This pulse is both very powerful and very positive.  It is offering the chance for great transformation… for you, for me..for all living things…and for war to be transformed into peace.

This ‘agent’ who delivered the news also said the 60’s, the mantra “Make Love Not War” is very appropriate today to help us elevate our beliefs and our frequencies.

His final words of the day: “Face fear with Love and we will transform this planet.”  And I say:  “So be it and so it is.”

Look out fear….Love’s about to shine in all Her glory!

“Perky Pants!”

Summer has arrived in central Florida.  It was muggy by 8:00 AM as I set out today for my revived ritual of a morning power walk.  On the homestretch, I noticed the gal who was about twenty paces away and coming toward me.  Generally there’s a brief salutation when passing another, however, something about this soul caught my attention to a greater degree.  Her pace was steady but seemed to be labored. Her body was not the svelte, athletic type but rather the stalwart body of the unspoken hero who has managed to survive in spite of tremendous obstacles. Her shoulders sagged as if under a heavy weight.  And I noticed…. and I thought of the weight we each carry, bravely…and of the countless unspoken heroes among us.

This gal wore a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, something wrapped around her neck and a cap for her head.  Yes, the outfit seemed odd considering the encroaching morning heat.  Perhaps, I thought, she was protecting herself from the rays of the hot sun.

Suddenly, from behind this gal jogs Ms Perfect Perky Pants garbed in the perfect, scanty jogging outfit, with the well-sculptured, hours-at-the-gym body.  Ms Perky Pants, with disdain, loudly throws these words over her shoulder as she passes ‘my gal’:  “It’s summer, you know!”  Immediately, I thought of the “mean girls” in high school.

By now, the gal with the long sleeves was passing me.  With what little was showing of her face and skin, it was very easy to see that she had the fairest of complexions which she was undoubtedly protecting to the best of her ability,  and eyes that have seen more than their fair share  of sadness.  This was not the soul to whom life had extended the luxury nor the leisure of the unlimited gym membership and certainly not the opportunity for the weekly “mani and pedi” indulgence.

As I pondered the brief encounter, I wondered how many of us hold the “perky pants” consciousness as we strut through reality.   The importance of remembering and practicing Kindness, even in the most seemingly insignificant, trivial encounters must not be underestimated nor overlooked.   It’s in the fleeting moment where we have the opportunity to shift our awareness, embrace another with a loving thought, and thus imprint the earth more deeply with Love.

PS  If you still own a pair of “perky pants”  I encourage you to  “drop your pants!’

Thanks, but no thanks.

About a year ago my wonderful computer developed a terminal illness.  I had just moved to this area and thus knew no reliable source  to validate my diagnosis and if necessary, administer ‘last rites’.

I visited a few computer specialists and didn’t like the ‘vibs’ so I knew these sources were not what I term my “Helpful People” (this is a delightful Feng Shui reference word.)  I returned home to contemplate and meditate.  Usually, the “Helpful Person” we seek is either within easy phone reach or they are physically located nearby.  The later was the case.

Located less than 3 miles from my home, an honorable, integrity-filled computer ‘genius’ surfaced.  (“Ask and you shall receive”…. Conversely, “No askie…no gettie!”)  The gentleman’s name is Jeff.  At the time, he strongly encouraged me to stay with the operating system that I was using on my former computer.  More truthfully, he set off every alarm bell within myself about a certain system that is now used widely.  I listened;  I took his words to heart.

Fast forward.  Over the past several months, my computer has repeatedly ‘nudged’ me to upgrade to this new system that Jeff had cautioned me against.  Repeatedly, I politely declined.

Yesterday, when I went to say “good morning’ to my computer, it had been shut off.  “That’s odd” I thought “we had no storm that might have closed it down.”  When it finally rebooted, there on the screen were the horrifying words:  “Welcome to your new upgraded system…..Windows. ..”

I was stunned and alarmed that, against my will, my system had been manipulated and man-handled.  Immediately, I phoned my integrity-filled, Helpful People-Person, Jeff.

Thankfully, he talked me off the panic-cliff and told me which keys to push that would return my machine to the system that is my choice and is safe for me.

Because of my devotion to contemplation and meditation, I AM very aware of when I require any form or re-calibration or re-programming.  On some level, we each have this deep knowingness.  It’s an internal process which need be respected, honored and assessed very carefully.

When someone ‘messes’ with your programming, either internal or seemingly external, pay attention!  It’s challenging enough that we are continuously being programmed by every system imaginable.  Listen to that Voice within; invite It to do any “Programming” that It knows to be for your true well-being.  When we each BE at One with our internal sacred design, all lower forms of programming will cease.

… and So It Begins ~ Yet Again!

Per the most recent census, I live in the Land of Sunshine.  Notoriously, the state is also known for its hurricanes – so “they” say.  (Not that where I hail from, New Jersey, hasn’t had its share of floods and hurricanes over my tenure in that location.)  According to meteorologists and media mongers, this dastardly weather pattern begins June 1.

The media and weather hounds are already pumping the public with a sense of apprehension that ranges from fear to out and out terror, as “they” prompt and prod the viewers to “get ready.” If you are very quiet, you can actually ‘feel’ the energies being stirred up in people as they wait all a-tremble for the inevitable.  Then, the hype begins.  People talk about it, cogitate over it, and unwittingly invite “it” into their homes and towns.  Yes, that’s right;  they actually invite the weather pattern into their reality.  Remember, “What you fear comes upon you.”  It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

Phooey!  What’s happened to the understanding that our thoughts are indeed creating the weather patterns.  (That is, when weather patterns are not being geo-engineered which is occurring more than you would want to pick you head up out of the sand to acknowledge.)

Regardless of the manipulation that is rampant in all areas of our lives, I still hold firmly to the sacred knowledge that we are the co-creators in all that is unfolding – from politics to weather patterns.

“Why” I ask myself, “do we consistently and continuously allow ourselves to have our nerves jangled and choose to remain unconscious of the great gift within each of us to work with the weather? ”  Individually and collectively, we have the power to change the programming of the weather – that is IF the media-programmers don’t fill us with such a deep sense of hopelessness and fear – to the point where we become paralyzed and completely, negatively programmed.

In whatever state you are residing in today’s ‘reality check’, you are on the cutting edge of consciousness.  Unhook from all sources of media that spout fear, even under well-meaning disguises such as “you must be prepared.”  I challenge you to be prepared alright, but in a proactive, constructive, full-on co-creator approach.

Prepare yourself to recognize, hear and act upon your well-spring of Truth.  If that Truth encourages you to go for cover, so be it.  If It suggests you would be well-advised to have a few extra supplies, so be it. Your greatest ‘preparedness’ is re-learning to be still, to listen from within and trust the Source of All Weather Patterns that lies deep in the core of you.

Wise Investment

Might as well blame my ineptness of finding the soccer field where I was to cheer on a darling ten year old (never in my life  did I envision being a soccer grandmother!) on a lingering Retrograde Mercury energy.  Not only could I not find the field, I was later advised by the father of the soccer player that the game was at 9:00 AM, not 11:30 AM, as I had so noted on my soccer calendar.

Turning lemons into lemonade, driving away from the ‘aborted attempt’, I was beguiled by an Estate Sale sign that piqued my curiosity.  Deftly, car and I were on our way to the next adventure.

The estate attendees informed me that things were now half price…or make an offer.  I poked and prodded my way around several tables and to my chagrin, nothing called to me.

However, at the last table, also poking and prodding, was a woman in her later years (whatever that means these days.)  We struck up a light conversation.  She shared with me that she is an Anthropology Professor at a local college, and that she has been going to garage sales and estate sales for the past forty years as a social experiment of sorts, a kind of human test tube to examine the social patterns of Americans with their use of the resources they had at their disposal during this life or portion thereof.

When she understood that I am a Feng Shui Adviser, the conversation decidedly deepened.  This dear lady went on to say that she learns so much by observing, at the end of a life or a life-shift, how people have used their resources.  “We only have so much time and money to spend in a lifetime.  Did the person invest their time and money wisely” she mused.  She continued: “More often than not, it appears as if there has not been a very wise use of resources and that the life may have been squandered as the person traded learning and wisdom for trivial, mostly meaningless trinkets and baubles.”

Wow.  I found this to be a very interesting insight and great food for thought and soul.  As I drove away, although I had not purchased any trinkets, I was certainly richer for the encounter and fully cognizant of why I had been given the sudden prompting to get off the beaten path and detour into that house.

Look inside yourself and then look to the outer reflection of that inner self –  your surroundings and relationships.  How are you investing your precious resources of time and money?  It’s never too late to Invest Wisely; YOU are worth the investment.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Setting the scene….it was a lovely, topical evening, ocean side, here in south Florida.

Act One:  Enter ~ Fair, ‘elderly’ maiden, Elaine, who while humming her happy evening tune, carefully inserts the appropriate coins into the meter before she begins her evening constitutional along the ocean walkway.

Although dusk is falling, Elaine is very cognizant of ….ta da….wicked meter maid who could make her appearance at any time – regardless of a setting Sun.

With 6 minutes to spare, our heroine is almost back at the starting gate where her chaise awaited.

Enter stage left.  Wicked Meter Maid seems to materialize out of the ethers ~   trolling… hopeful to snare a hapless soul who unwittingly has lost track of the time ~ most likely due to the sheer beauty and entrancing powers of the ocean.  (Perhaps I’m overly generous in my thinking, but, what the heck!)  Yes.  Dear, hapless soul is parked next to Elaine.

She (Elaine) looked with chagrin at “fiercely devoted and oddly jubilant public servant ~ merry meter maid” and said:  “Oh, this is not a happy day for the owners of this car.”  Meter maid simply gives a shrug, a gleeful smile, and writes a ticket for the offending automobile and its owners.  Curtain drops…..

Act Two:  Elaine carefully inserts another coin into the meter and continues her journey.  On the pathway Elaine encounters a gal who was walking dogs;  she too had witnessed Ms M. Maid writing the ticket and then driving off into the sunset.   Elaine wistfully speaks:  “Wow, if I were a meter maid, I’d keep a roll of quarters in my pocket and pop coins in as needed.”

Gal ferociously, angrily replies:  “WHY? They know the rules when they park here!  These people get what they deserve!”  “Yikes!” thinks our heroine.  Dog-walking gal then goes on a tirade of how all people take advantage of the rules and somehow need to be punished.

Elaine who bravely collects herself after this odd verbal exchange (which thankfully she didn’t take personally – yahoo!) says:  “Well, maybe the ‘criminals’ just needed a little act of kindness which could mean the world to them.”

Dog-walking gal tugs rudely on the dogs’ collars and exits stage right.

Back to our heroine…. Elaine continues on her way; thankful that she is not one of those dogs; very thankful that she held her tongue,and clinging even more firmly to her conviction that Kindness IS the Way.

Our gal understands that indeed there are different strokes for different folks, so she detached and looked forward to practicing some of her new Qigong moves on the beach!

The End.       Bartlett Productions!




Harnessing the Power

When you practice Stillness, you become increasingly aware of the column of Light that continuously spirals up and down your torso.  It’s presence is unmistakable.  As you cultivate your ability to see, feel and understand this energy, you will gradually know that It is your essence – 100 percent.

I call this “Light”; call It what you wish.  By any name, it’s all about loving, embracing and managing this Light/Life Force.  Equate it to harnessing a beautiful, powerful wild horse; you reign it in, you guide it, you teach it how to carry you safely to any destination.  As you work with the horse, you grow in trust and respect for its great power.  This is similar to the Power of Light within you, only It is far greater; yet the power must be harnessed and used wisely.

The ‘Cosmic Catch’ to accessing and using the power of the Life Force within… its vital that you begin to LOVE YOU as you are, embrace YOU as you are, and fully honor and respect the tremendous power of this Light/Life Force.  Then, commit to using and directing the energy in a variety of ways that support and enhance your journey.

Ride the Wave

There are some interesting frequencies available for you to contemplate and to use wisely on this date of 5-4-2016 = 5+4+2+0+1+6 = 18/9.  This is the vibration of closure and completion (thus new beginnings are not favorable.)

In addition, today is the end of the three month “Wood season” or what we call Spring. The day prior to a new three month cycle is termed “Jueri” in Chinese.  This energy also speaks of closure rather than openings.

During the cycle of “Wood”, the organs which are spotlighted are the Liver and the Gallbladder.  The corresponding emotions are anger, frustration, irritation and feelings of being thwarted.

This final day of “Wood season”, coupled with the power of the combination of numbers from today’s date, offers you the opportunity to fearlessly release that which no longer serves you.  Yes, it may be a great day to clean your closet but even more importantly, clean out those nasty pus-pockets of anger, irritation and angst.  Repressing and suppressing anger creates dark energy fields or blockages within the body.  This is what causes illness.

Find ways today to be the master of your emotions; no longer can they be permitted to master you. Cry if need be.  Scream into a pillow (one you don’t sleep on, please.)  Take a walk in the woods.  Take a walk anywhere as walking is a powerful release agent.  What you don’t need to do is to take ‘a pill’ to move anger and anxiety supposedly away from you.  This simply stuffs the source of pain deeper into your subconscious and it delays the inevitable healing cycle.

Ride the wave of dis-solution today, and tomorrow your heart can embrace the frequency of Joy that Summer promises.

If Perchance

Those of you dear readers who have joined me in “Intending” over the years will easily relate to the following Intention;  you new folks on the “Intending” journey will get the gist of things quickly.

If perchance, you are feeling stuck – in money matters, career choices, relationships, or any area of life – the following will help you move your life along constructively…NOW.

Say out loud the following Intention  (no, you don’t need an audience):                                        “I AM opening myself to new, custom-tailored opportunities that make my heart sing.      I AM opening myself to and inviting in to my life sufficient funds to more than adequately compensate me for my services to the world and allow me to pay my way while living on this planet.  So be it and so it is.”

Yesterday, I was feeling very stuck in many areas.  This great Intention dawned from deep within me…after an intense Qigong session.  (For those who don’t know Qigong, it unblocks all blockages in the body.  Since I’m a newbie at this ancient practice, I didn’t realize it would unblock several of my bodies simultaneously – body, mind, emotions and spirit.)

Moral of the story…within 24 hours of toning my Intention, a person phoned asking me to participate in a large way as a guest speaker on a radio program here in south Florida.  I enjoy the medium of radio broadcasting tremendously, and what better way to serve on a larger scale?

I will continue with this Intention;  it opens my consciousness to abundance (which is my divine birthright,) it opens my spirit to new, golden opportunities and, it opens my heart so that it can sing once again.

I AM honored to share it with you.  So be it and so it is.