This Moment

This moment you have the opportunity to transcend seeming restrictions, limitations, frustrations and all that appears less-than in the reality that you have created.

This moment you have the capability to elevate your thoughts and rise above conditioned responses and reactions.

This moment you can choose to navigate your life with compassion, heightened responsibility and accountability, non-judgment and expanded heart-consciousness.

This all simply depends on you being completely present to this moment.

The mine-field of your Mind

In this Yang Monkey Year, it is easy to get caught up in “monkey mind” antics… the mind in over-drive with worry, anxiety, fear and plain old over-think.

The energies are now very conducive to support you in either losing your mind as you have known it or assisting you to move into the frequency of ‘mindlessness.’

Why is this cultivation of stronger Mindfulness encouraged at this cycle?  A magnificent new world awaits you… just on the other side of the mind that once served you rather well (at times!)

Quantum Leap into Self-Healing

As a creative channel, you bring spirit into matter according to the frequencies to which you are attuned.  The object of the ‘game’, naturally, is to fine-tune the instrument known as you.

Any area of your body that is holding blocked energy is showing you precisely where you need to focus energy for the fine-tuning, the energetic tune-UP, that is best administered from within the core of your being.

Most of you know that the various areas of your body (inside and out) correspond to ‘chakras’ (wheels of light energy) that lie within the body.  When these chakras communicate freely with one another, energy is re-calibrated and thus restored.

Blockages found in or on any portion of your body speak of a chakra that is not communicating properly.  (This is an over-simplification, but if you are interested, there are many fine works on the Chakras.)  As the blockages are released and removed, communication is restored and you return to a state of wellness.  Yes, it may take time and discipline, although I have witnessed what is called “spontaneous healing.”

To give you a jump-start in a healing tune-up (or total healing transformation) there are several modalites available through practitioners in various disciplines:

  •  Reiki
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Pranic Healing
  • Color and Sound Healing
  • Quantum Healing
  • Health Kenesiology
  • Tapping
  • Acupuncture
  • Balanced Exercise

These are but a few suggestions; new inspired healing techniques are springing up like dandelions.  Keep your antenna up to ‘feel’ that with which, and with whom,you resonate.

Coming Soon!

Some of you have received the memo (although it has not been well circulated) that YOU are your best, most-trusted healer.  IF you were one of the lucky ones to receive this memo, mazeltov!  As the light of the new day dawns, many will recognize, honor and choose to be accountable for the knowledge that healing and the ability to heal our self is a gift that, for the most part, has laid dormant within us.

To give you some encouraging thoughts along the line of your own self-healing, remember that it all starts with good nutrition.  Proper food choices, lovingly prepared and wisely ingested IS medicine.  (If your eyes glazed over at this paragraph, obviously, you had not been selected for the aforementioned memo.)

Listen to your body.  It is your best friend.  The days of ignoring, denying and discounting it’s messages must be forfeited.

Practice Tai Chi or QiGong.  Personally, I have developed a genuine admiration and like (almost love) for Qigong.  (More practice with Qigong will soon move me to ‘love’ status.)

Meditate.  Stop whining that you don’t have the time, the patience,  the know-how or simply don’t want to do it.  (Actually, those who are whining, may not have received the memo!  As for the rest of you, carry on with that powerful healing modality!)

You and I have the capability of harnessing, managing and directing the Power of the great Source/Force of Healing that lies within.  It is the same Healing Force that created you; It is The only Force there is.  Speaking (actually writing) on It’s behalf:  This is the ideal day for you to begin your personal healing journey and embrace Wellness/Wholeness. 


Getting to KNOW you!

Once you take command of your own Knowing, that inner radiance expands naturally into the environment.  Your Oneness with this “Knowing” then empowers others to discover, Know and shine their truths.

How do you get to your Knowingness?

  1.  Calm your mind. (Easier said than done in the seemingly chronic chaos that oft permeates our thoughts.  It helps tremendously if you stay away from the news, especially the political gobbledygook!)
  2.   Operate from the heart in Love.
  3.   Breathe with the conscious awareness that Divine Breath is breathing you.

By practicing these small yet powerful disciplines, radiance emanates from your center point which is connected to the spiritual Core of Creation, known as Hunab Ku.

Being centered plugs you back into the inner Knowingness, the Source of All.  Go ahead, climb back into the Center Stage of your world!

White Planetary Wizard

Certainly, every day holds the potential for growth – either with you kicking and screaming, or you choosing to be energetically, gracefully moved into opportunities for greater insight and understandings.

This particular day in the Galactic calendar offers some interesting points to ponder.  This day is called the Galactic Return of the Year due to a specific alignment of the energy of this day with the energy of the entire year (Galactically speaking.)  Both the year and the day is White Planetary Wizard.

So what?  The day echoes the year message asking you to examine that which you are manifesting.  Where have your thoughts, words and deeds led you?  What are you reaping with your judgments – judgement against yourself and your ‘other selfs.’  It’s all playing out on the stage of your life…precisely as you are orchestrating and directing.

The White Wizard holds the frequency for you this year, this day, for you to become conscious of the spells you are casting and which are being cast upon you.

Upon reflection today, these are some of the spells I was shown that manipulate our energy and thus diminish our spirit… and thus cause imbalances in body mind and spirit.

The spell of childhood wounds.  The spell of media.  The spell of glamour.  The spell of dogma and organized religion. The spell of drugs.  The spell of medical diagnoses and medical ‘tests.’  The spell of misinformation purposefully calculated to keep your off-balance and in fear mode.  The spell of fear itself (which is actually what each of these ‘spells’ are about at the core.)  The self-destructive spell of self-doubt, criticism and invalidation.  The spell of forming judgments against yourself or your ‘other-selfs.’

To ‘spell it out for you!’….today is the ideal day for you to consciously break any and all repulsive, restrictive energies that have woven their sticky fingers around your spirit.  The White Planetary Wizard is alive, well and thriving at the core of your Being ~ it’s your task to be open to receiving the healing rays of this great energy.



Breathe Easy

You have come to this dimension during this evolutionary cycle to carry seeds of ‘Inspiration.’  In this manner you assist, recognize and set free the Spirit within.  This encompasses the act of in-breathing Spirit,  the Breath of Life.   In-breath of Spirit applies to your self and your countless ‘other selves’ and works Its magic through thought, words and loving action.

Inspiration rides on the wings of Creativity and Imagination.  When these two gifts are thrashing about wildly in your reality with little or no hope of positive, harmonious, constructive expression please, double and triple-check your Inspiration Meter to make certain that you, nor a system, nor a job, nor friend, nor spouse….. nor any other ‘nor’ is tampering with your Spirit.

This Inspirational Reality Check, may set off your inner anti-theft alarm. If you have preciously ignored the warnings of your Main System, assessing the extent of the damage may be a daunting undertaking.   The prospect of vacating one’s life, a reality that has become comfy, cozy, yet miserable and lacking Inspiration, in favor of Joy, Creativity and Harmony, is a lot to digest.  (How’s your digestion been this year?!)

“We” of the Inspired Breathe-Easy Committee clearly see your Light, “We” are positioned in the ready-mode at all times to assist you in turning up the Flame of your brilliance.

Set back verses Sit back

Wouldn’t surprise me if a “set back” in any area of your life is actually the command from Headquarters to “Sit Back and take a long, hard/soft look at the direction your head had pointed you toward.”

The soft approach to yourself and the situation – with no blame, shame,  guilt, remorse or regret, (just perhaps a hang-over of exhaustion,) allows you to ask: “Heart, oh heart o’mine, where would you point me?”

This day is a perfect day to reflect on this thought and receive some valuable insights.  Sit back.

Messages from your Feelings…

YOU:  Awww.  Come on.  You want me to WHAT?  To FEEL again.  You know as well as I, I’ve been shut down and shot down since I can hardly recall when.  And now…now you ask for a resurrection of my tender, vulnerable feeling body when I and most of my tribe are just about feeling-bankrupt.  Really?  That’s a tall order.

Those feeling markers have been switched off, blocked, tainted, maimed and wounded…how the heck do you expect me to access that energy field?

ME, Your Feelings:  Hold a space in your heart of loving witnessing as you ask to see the defensive patterns that have held you in bondage.  You will be shown repetitive patterns that you no longer need, patterns that have actually been a defense shield around some part of long-held painful wounds.

As you simply, humbly watch, memories will come to the surface.  We send these memories so that they may finally clear themselves and remove themselves from your physical structure, where we must say, they play havoc.

The pain you experience in your life oft stems from unresolved wounds – both yours and ancestral.  Misguided training on this planet  gave the suggestions (heavily and mindlessly) to turn off the spigot of your feelings and thus your wounds remain unresolved.  Unfortunately, the sequestered feelings eventually must surface (it’s a Law) and when these feelings do bubble up, the imbalance is often in the form of illness.

Your pain is not who you are; it is merely trying to show you the ‘feeling’ blockages/imbalances.  In other words, it’s an attention grabbing device.  Unwittingly many of you are now well-trained to take a pill, have a drink, eat the poisonous junk that floods our make-shift grocery chains and/or run for the hills (whatever your ‘inner hill may be) to get over it as quickly as possible.

“Not so fast”say WE, your Feelings.  We encourage you to honor and examine what has been distorted, blocked, hid, lied about or masked.  Embrace that which you drank away, ate away, or popped pills to suppress.  That was another time, another realty and one one for which you were well primed.  WE encourage your Self-loving acceptance of your sacred journey and the awakening and renewal of your Feeling Body.

We, your breath-giving beautiful Feelings have always stood courageously by and within you – waiting, watching and trusting that your time to begin to FEEL, and thus heal, would dawn.  The dawn has come.


Pop. Pop. POP!

Bubbles are bursting.

Pin pricks of Truth are popping your long-held illusions.  May you be well pricked!

Staunchly nurtured former beliefs, ideas and quasi-truths expand into the Higher Truths that have laid dormant in your Higher Self for eons, awaiting this cycle of re-birth.

Crowds are stirring and discontent mounting as the propaganda of “separation” is still overtly and covertly being forced-fed to you.  Indeed, ‘the spinning wheels are spinning.’

With all of the discomfort, displacement, destabilization and potential for heightened chaos and confusion, now is the time to cloak yourself in the mantle of humility and gratitude – with focus and gusto. The long anticipated “Great Wake-Up ~ the Cycle of Return, Renew and Restore” has dawned.   May the blessings of “Popped Illusions” be yours now!