Dark Night of a Soul’s Journey

Honoring and caring deeply for the poignancy of another’s journey takes compassion, allowance, non-interference and non-judgment.  This is challenging for all self-proclaimed “fixers.”

Stepping back from another’s sacred journey means you must lovingly distance yourself from their turbulence.  As the soul’s inner ship is tossing and turning while the waves break over the bow of their consciousness, you get to hold this person carefully in the folds of your heart – trusting that the ship WILL arrive safely at port.

You have the opportunity to remember clearly for this dear soul that with the tossing and turning will come new-found insight and understanding… all of which are designed to open the soul to it’s True Identity – it’s God-Self.

Breathe into the darkness and watch it dispel. The dark night will pass and the shadows will flee.  The once-tormented soul is now a candidate to enjoy and embrace unfathomable heights of harmony and a deeper, more profound re-connection with Oneness.


Balancing Act

On this day of “Perfect Balance” (the Equinox), trust that as you cultivate YOUR personal sense of inner balance, you contribute to the re-balancing of this sphere.

With a renewed sense of balance, it’s much easier to orient yourself to being who you are:  a Divine Being.

View Point

A view from a point (your ‘sacred’ point of view) is more often than not ~ narrow, restrictive, singular and polarized.  After all, it’s a POINT.   POINTS are dots.  They are tiny pin pricks in the vast scheme of the expansive Cosmos.  Rarely do these ‘dots’  originate from a particularly broad-minded objective position.

Dots, aka a point of view,  oft diminish creativity and tend to snuff out the Divine Fire (your inner energy.)

On the eve of the Spring Equinox, look up into the heavens and contemplate the idea that each ray of starlight is a point ~ a Cosmic View Point ~ a broad, wide, magnificent point of Light.   There’s a whole canopy of points with which you can align your spirit.

May these heavenly Points of Light transmute the narrowness of a singular point of view into infinite points of expansion and expression so breath-taking that you will once again immediately remember your Oneness with the All.  All points of view must eventually bow to the Laws of Acceptance and Love.


We Now Return to Our Originally Scheduled Program

What often appears as destruction or chaos may actually be the necessary forces of liberation for which your soul has secretly been yearning.

Souls are downright clamoring for a release from rigid structures and faulty, limited ‘programming’ that have been reductive and harmful to the human spirit whose heritage is to fly high with joy and creativity.

In this light, embrace, accept and have gratitude as the chaos and destruction swirl madly and wildly around us.  It is through these mediums of dissolution that you and I will be given a clean slate upon which to design healthy, happy, joy-filled, inspired realities.

Hesitate NOT to welcome and tap into a new level of awareness that is beyond your ‘programming.’   Nothing and “no thing” is authentic about this old programming; question everything!  Now is the time for a total reevaluation of everything you have ever been taught, learned or believed.  

Fiddle a bit with your “Inner Dial” to get clear reception.   This ‘Station’ (YOU!) may now return to its original “Programming”…. and that, naturally, would be a return to the Programming and Full Expression of your True Self:  Love/Light or, if you prefer, Light/Love.



Dis-orderly Conduct!

Rather than denying, dodging or deliberately dismissing your emotions as inferior and not worthy of your rapt attention, consider acknowledging and honoring these frequencies – even if, especially if, they have caused you emotional discomfort.

And WHY would you want to acknowledge and embrace ALL of your emotions?  It is through accessing the emotional body (and all of the emotions that feed this sacred body) that allows you to regain and maintain balance.

And just WHY would you ever want to be in a State of Balance?  When emotions are denied, dodged and/or dismissed, therein lies the potential for random and undirected energy to create disease… really nasty disease.

Anger is an especially dangerous emotion as it triggers disorder in your cells.  Disorder violates the Laws of Nature.

By acknowledging the frequencies you are surfing at any given moment, you have access to the power within that will guide you to choose and follow only the frequencies that serve you…and keep you in optimum good health.


Feelin’ IT!

Lest you forget...your essence IS a light-body.  Feel it.  Acknowledge it.  Allow this ‘knowingness’ to heighten the vibration of every cell of your body until the essence of your True  Being shines.

It takes a whole lot of energy to try to live without your inner light shining brightly.

Allow your true Light-Body full expression.  You may have to withdraw for a period of time (as you know it on earth) to allow what no longer serves you to fall away and your awareness to be refined.