As my ‘old pal’ Lao Tsu was fond of saying:  “At the center of your being you HAVE the answers; you know who you are and you know what you want.”  I can’t ever recall a time when he told me a half-truth!

So, fluff yourself up… you DO know!

Each and every time you announce to the hapless ears you’ve assaulted with the unthinkable mantra of ~ “I don’t know”  ~ you reduce your energy and compromise the high and holy truth my “pal” so brilliantly espoused.

And how, pray tell, do you remember the answers and know beyond a shadow of doubt Who you are and what you want?  Lao Tsu told you at the beginning of the sentence… “at the center of your being….”

Shhhhhhhh!  In the Stillness, you will discover and re-discover ALL of the answers you seek.

Splitting Seconds

In a Split Second, worry takes you OUT of the Here and Now, facilitating a loss of creativity, imagination, inventiveness and a great deal more.  In a heartbeat,  in that ‘split second’ worry lowers your frequency enabling all sorts of ‘nasties’ to magnetize themselves to you; not the least of these intruders being illness.

We have been well trained and programmed to “split seconds” by all sorts of distractions.  Split seconds, when seen from the perspective I am presenting this morning is slightly different than perhaps you have thought.

The strong addiction to distractions actually ‘splits a second’ much like an atom being split.  In the interior of the ‘split’ lie countless opportunities to lose ones’ balance as the soul is not fully present anywhere.

When you examine the amount of energy you pour into worry, and then understand that in that split second, you have actually ‘split the second’, you may choose  once and for all to release the worry and remain fully awake, aware and present.  That would be a super present to give yourself today!


The Comfort Zone within the Unknown

The Unknown has far greater power than the known.

It is the Unknown (aka The Unknowable) that is the Generator of your wealth and health. Actually, IT generates ALL that your ego has given you credit for!

Rather than fear the Unknown, at this most unknowable cycle in which we are collectively huddled, the time is ripe to release old conditioning when it comes to fearing the unknown.

In this brand new NOW space of this minute learn to appreciate the Unknown for Its Power, Authenticity and Might.  Embrace It and first and foremost, TRUST IT.

The Silent Treatment!

To change your frequency (translation… to Lighten UP) go into The Silence – frequently!

Imprinting the following words into your consciousness gives an added boost if The Silence seems too daunting:  “I AM safe, guided, guarded and protected.”  This short but powerful mantra should be on the tip of your brain at all times so that you can hit the instant replay button as needed.  An added benefit ~ you will be in the right place at the right time…easily.

During this ‘rather’ intense Transition, Wisdom suggests you make use of the simple tools.

Just for Today…

Illuminate this world!

If yesterday, or your many yesterdays, you forgot this most important aspect of your Earthly mission, begin again today.

The world sorely needs your Light.  And besides, you never know whose Light you’ll ignite.

Why not commit to being a walking chandelier!  Now that’s a BIG happy Light!

Kindliness…Absolutely Divine!

When you are treated unkindly, often the temptation to react in like manner comes boiling up from the core of you.  Hopefully, you’ve lived long enough and experienced the effects of a “tit-for-tat” reaction to know this never gives the results your soul is seeking.

In this New Year, YOU get to decide, with quiet discernment and calm deliberation to choose the Higher Road of Kindliness.   On this Path, your Light shines ~ perhaps not to the one who mistreated you, but most assuredly it shines as an inspiration and hope to countless others who also walk the Path of Kindness.

Master Teachers and Guides in the Unseen World also recognize your Light and stand in silent witness of your actions… ready to assist you at every turn in the Road.  They fully know that Kindness begets Kindness in all of the Higher Spheres.

Any act of kindness, goodness or compassion enters you into relationship with the Absolute… and that is absolutely Divine!


Better Late than Never!

These days, one simply never knows when my ‘buddy’, MR Computer, will decide to take a break from my posts.  The past several days were just such days!  Guess He needed to get all revved up for the Chinese New Year and neglected to inform me.  Oomph.

Thankfully, matters were corrected prior to this special day passing.

New beginnings such as today are magical.  You and I are re-calibrated, revived and potentially re-invented.

Embrace this glorious new season with an open heart and the pure, clear knowingness that Golden Opportunities are here now!

Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!