Windex anyone?

Polish the looking glass to see and reflect YOU more clearly.  YOU ~ the divine reflection of Oneness, a perfect speck of Light and Love made manifest.

Where did I put that Windex?!


Missed the Memo

Some folks either misplaced or missed the Gratitude Memo altogether.  Information pertaining to the importance of this particular memo was actually mapped out and underscored for Earth-travelers in the handbook that was issued upon leaving Home-base initially.

Due to the length of this particular Earth-assignment, many Earthlings have no idea where that handbook is at this time in their voyage or worse, completely neglect and/or under-value the message.

Just a reminder for you… without Gratitude (not lip-service, or out of necessity or a sense of duty or obligation although, I suspect that even these rudimentary expressions are better than none at all,… but rather heart-felt , sincere appreciation) you STOP the flow of Higher Consciousness Mind operating through you.

“Who cares” you say?  “I have enough consciousness.”  Perhaps, I retort.

If you would sincerely like to discover your unique personal contribution (life purpose), assist in the positive transformation of our shared reality, attune to Planetary Mind AND have clear-seeing,  a fertile imagination and ground-breaking ideas that lead you to unlimited abundance, you may want to review the high and holy Law of Gratitude.

If you can’t find the memo or the guidebook, Gratitude is actually encoded inside your lovely spirit.  Dig deep, start with the small and seemingly insignificant and gradually work your way up.

As you move from Gratitude to Gratitude, and reawaken to the value and transformative power of this simple yet pure Principle,  in record time, you will be realigned with your True Self, a Star-Being, that lives and breathes in a Sea of Gratitude…and thus, Plenitude!

The Art of the Heart

Welcome to 2016, the Frequency of Unconditional Love, Wholeness and Oneness.

Within the Stillness, from a position of deep humility, perhaps in 2016 (which is a frequency of completion and endings that clears the Portal to Unconditional Love in all of Her many facets) each person on Earth will recognize that our greatest challenge is to extend Love and Forgiveness ~ FIRST to OUR SELF…and then to one another.

The Heart of this beautiful Planet IS Love; the heart of thee and me IS Love.  Alignment and re-alignment to this Love is the key to the magic kingdom of Love and Light…. which is your true home.