So Glad You Asked!

Why, you may ask, is the mandate for self-reflection, then the ensuing disruption and destabilization of your perceived reality (that would be the life you have been ‘merrily’ living up to now!) so critical and valuable for you at this juncture?

Through the potential upheaval and possible chaos, you will discover that which needs to be changed.  You will discover a new and renewed ability to forgive yourself and others.  You will Love more fully – with a Whole Heart.

The process of self-reflection opens you to live a more authentic, transparent life.  Again you may well ask…”why the heck do I want to be authentic and transparent?”

This is precisely how you become a Light unto yourself as well as a larger vessel of Light for the world.  This is the Portal of Transformation that allows you to access wellness, peace and harmony.  Aren’t you glad you asked?!

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