Mr. and Mrs. Dictionary suggest that “complacency,” the noun form of the adjective “complacent,” is defined as “showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.”   Yup.  We all knew that.

From the bird’s eye view, complacency has become a soul-sickness that seems to permeate the very air we breathe.  It’s reeks of self-absorption, self-aggrandizement, disdain, dismissiveness, entitlement and an aura of smugness that is both ugly and unflattering, to say the least.

As this smugness attitude has become so pervasive, you may want to thoroughly check your ego for any signs that you are infected with this horrific dis-ease.  It’s subtle.  It’s nasty.  It’s the antithesis of humility and grace.

Be vigilant.  This soul-sickness can creep in at any hour of any day.  And… don’t be so complacent as to think some aspect of your spirit is not holding even just a tad of this soul-slaying quality!

And just ‘why’ would you want to drop any form of this disease, you wonder?   If you are yearning for a world that is loving and peace-filled, a world in which YOU play a major role as a creator of harmony and happiness, a world where you KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that everyone you encounter is a sacred aspect of you – complacency has to go.

The hour of thorough self-examination is at hand; the time for inner awareness to expand is now.  Come on fellow Cosmic Traveler!  DO THE WORK necessary for your evolution.

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