Docking Privileges

For all who have been experiencing a sense of free-float disconnection, purposelessness, despondency, lack of clarity and utter darkness, the Sun IS about to shine.

To help facilitate and welcome your interior ‘sunrise’,  concentrate and focus on what is called the “Cosmic Cord”.  It is energetically located at your navel.  Once it’s in focus, mentally SEE it connected to the Source behind the Sun.  Thus, you realign with the energy of your Galactic Self.  Simple.

Recall can be facilitated by directing attention to the Solar Plexus area of your body while visualizing a 10-petaled yellow lotus in the center of this chakra.  This chakra is considered the second brain, and the central storehouse of prana… the “mani padma” or jeweled lotus of your higher self.

Yes, you are a Galactic Being experiencing an important, albeit at times terrifying, sojourn on Earth.  Times have ripened for each of us to remember, embrace and cherish our true heritage.

For thousands of years, conditioning on this plane has contributed to forgetting our intimate, profound connection with Source.  The hour for remembering has arrived.

Suspend conditioned thought-programs by operating independent of past and future.  This takes practice, more discipline and a willingness to let go of the old programming.

It is also most helpful if you understand that you are a first class ‘resonator’.  As such, you raise and lower your vibratory rate in accord with where you place your attention.  With self-discipline, dedication, and discernment you can choose harmonious, creative thoughts.

What’s really being suggested here is for you to plug in your spiritual umbilical cord to the main Electrical Circuit Board.  The great Cosmic Joke, of course, is that you were never unplugged in the first place… you’ve simply been floating in a Sea of Illusion and it’s time for the ship to dock!


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