So Glad You Asked!

Why, you may ask, is the mandate for self-reflection, then the ensuing disruption and destabilization of your perceived reality (that would be the life you have been ‘merrily’ living up to now!) so critical and valuable for you at this juncture?

Through the potential upheaval and possible chaos, you will discover that which needs to be changed.  You will discover a new and renewed ability to forgive yourself and others.  You will Love more fully – with a Whole Heart.

The process of self-reflection opens you to live a more authentic, transparent life.  Again you may well ask…”why the heck do I want to be authentic and transparent?”

This is precisely how you become a Light unto yourself as well as a larger vessel of Light for the world.  This is the Portal of Transformation that allows you to access wellness, peace and harmony.  Aren’t you glad you asked?!

Too busy…

to tap into the Supreme, Higher You?

Take five.  That’s a measly five minutes (naturally more if so inclined) to BE STILL.  Turn off sights, sounds and more importantly, your mind.  From the Silence within, invite and allow the higher energies to pervade body, mind and spirit.

In this brief period, the divine energies will reshuffle, reorganize and infuse you with supreme benevolence of galactic consciousnesses.  Yup, in just five minutes!

Note to self:  That ole hamster wheel you’ve been so mindlessly treading, to which you have unwittingly been conditioned and programmed, is not the road (or the wheel) to happiness, health, and certainly not to enlightenment.  But, you’ve known that for eons.

This year (cycle) of closure, endings and completion may just provide the oomph you need to hop off the wheel and into the creative, joy-filled life of your inherent design.  Peace.


Mr. and Mrs. Dictionary suggest that “complacency,” the noun form of the adjective “complacent,” is defined as “showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.”   Yup.  We all knew that.

From the bird’s eye view, complacency has become a soul-sickness that seems to permeate the very air we breathe.  It’s reeks of self-absorption, self-aggrandizement, disdain, dismissiveness, entitlement and an aura of smugness that is both ugly and unflattering, to say the least.

As this smugness attitude has become so pervasive, you may want to thoroughly check your ego for any signs that you are infected with this horrific dis-ease.  It’s subtle.  It’s nasty.  It’s the antithesis of humility and grace.

Be vigilant.  This soul-sickness can creep in at any hour of any day.  And… don’t be so complacent as to think some aspect of your spirit is not holding even just a tad of this soul-slaying quality!

And just ‘why’ would you want to drop any form of this disease, you wonder?   If you are yearning for a world that is loving and peace-filled, a world in which YOU play a major role as a creator of harmony and happiness, a world where you KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that everyone you encounter is a sacred aspect of you – complacency has to go.

The hour of thorough self-examination is at hand; the time for inner awareness to expand is now.  Come on fellow Cosmic Traveler!  DO THE WORK necessary for your evolution.

Docking Privileges

For all who have been experiencing a sense of free-float disconnection, purposelessness, despondency, lack of clarity and utter darkness, the Sun IS about to shine.

To help facilitate and welcome your interior ‘sunrise’,  concentrate and focus on what is called the “Cosmic Cord”.  It is energetically located at your navel.  Once it’s in focus, mentally SEE it connected to the Source behind the Sun.  Thus, you realign with the energy of your Galactic Self.  Simple.

Recall can be facilitated by directing attention to the Solar Plexus area of your body while visualizing a 10-petaled yellow lotus in the center of this chakra.  This chakra is considered the second brain, and the central storehouse of prana… the “mani padma” or jeweled lotus of your higher self.

Yes, you are a Galactic Being experiencing an important, albeit at times terrifying, sojourn on Earth.  Times have ripened for each of us to remember, embrace and cherish our true heritage.

For thousands of years, conditioning on this plane has contributed to forgetting our intimate, profound connection with Source.  The hour for remembering has arrived.

Suspend conditioned thought-programs by operating independent of past and future.  This takes practice, more discipline and a willingness to let go of the old programming.

It is also most helpful if you understand that you are a first class ‘resonator’.  As such, you raise and lower your vibratory rate in accord with where you place your attention.  With self-discipline, dedication, and discernment you can choose harmonious, creative thoughts.

What’s really being suggested here is for you to plug in your spiritual umbilical cord to the main Electrical Circuit Board.  The great Cosmic Joke, of course, is that you were never unplugged in the first place… you’ve simply been floating in a Sea of Illusion and it’s time for the ship to dock!


Heightened Perspective

Resourceful….. “re-SOURCE-FULL”!

So simple it makes you smile;  so simple it’s worth contemplating until the essence of it sinks in and you remember:  You ARE SOURCE energy made manifest.  Fully.  Completely.

(Don’t bother checking resources for ‘The Source’ on Snopes….It’s only found within!)

Missed the Memo

Some folks either misplaced or missed the Gratitude Memo altogether.  Information pertaining to the importance of this particular memo was actually mapped out and underscored for Earth-travelers in the handbook that was issued upon leaving Home-base initially.

Due to the length of this particular Earth-assignment, many Earthlings have no idea where that handbook is at this time in their voyage or worse, completely neglect and/or under-value the message.

Just a reminder for you… without Gratitude (not lip-service, or out of necessity or a sense of duty or obligation although, I suspect that even these rudimentary expressions are better than none at all,… but rather heart-felt , sincere appreciation) you STOP the flow of Higher Consciousness Mind operating through you.

“Who cares” you say?  “I have enough consciousness.”  Perhaps, I retort.

If you would sincerely like to discover your unique personal contribution (life purpose), assist in the positive transformation of our shared reality, attune to Planetary Mind AND have clear-seeing,  a fertile imagination and ground-breaking ideas that lead you to unlimited abundance, you may want to review the high and holy Law of Gratitude.

If you can’t find the memo or the guidebook, Gratitude is actually encoded inside your lovely spirit.  Dig deep, start with the small and seemingly insignificant and gradually work your way up.

As you move from Gratitude to Gratitude, and reawaken to the value and transformative power of this simple yet pure Principle,  in record time, you will be realigned with your True Self, a Star-Being, that lives and breathes in a Sea of Gratitude…and thus, Plenitude!

The Art of the Heart

Welcome to 2016, the Frequency of Unconditional Love, Wholeness and Oneness.

Within the Stillness, from a position of deep humility, perhaps in 2016 (which is a frequency of completion and endings that clears the Portal to Unconditional Love in all of Her many facets) each person on Earth will recognize that our greatest challenge is to extend Love and Forgiveness ~ FIRST to OUR SELF…and then to one another.

The Heart of this beautiful Planet IS Love; the heart of thee and me IS Love.  Alignment and re-alignment to this Love is the key to the magic kingdom of Love and Light…. which is your true home.