When you choose to be receptive (awake and alert) to exactly what is occurring, as it is occurring, all of your centers open to the information and guidance held within the living intelligence of the moment.

Thus, you are fully aligned with Cosmic Consciousness; as such, you become an open portal for light and love.


It’s a Rainbow-kind-of-day

Time out.

Would you do yourself a BIG favor and take a brief time out to tune into the Rainbow Frequencies of this day.

First, simply surround yourself with a rainbow.  Next surround your home and family, next your county, next the state, next the country and finally the world.

Nothing to it…EVERYTHING to it!  Thank you for loving YOU and our beautiful globe.  Carry on.

The Disguise of Dissolution

The ‘disguise of dissolution’ seems to be tippy-toeing around in many lives these days.  Relationships are crumbling, careers are tumbling, bombs are bursting, illness is wreaking havoc,  and loved ones are making their exit from this earthly plane.

What appears as destruction, chaos, mayhem or loss may actually be the necessary forces of liberation evoking a release from rigid structure, format, belief systems, behavior patterns, or a worn-out earthly temple.

By releasing that which no longer serves, we make way for new opportunities and understandings to emerge.  Some folks cling to the notion that they must drape their process of ‘dissolution’ in a garment of “emerg-ency” in order to emerge.  In Cosmic Reality terms, the word simply implies “dis-solution” – your old solutions are no longer appropriate nor are they working for you.  “Old habits die hard”… which, of course, the phase in and of itself is an “old habit!”

Today is a “break-through” day, Cosmically.   Energies are aligned to inspire you to dissolve fixed concepts, fears or habitual patterns that weigh you down.  Release the old model of you; the new model awaits release from deep within your Core.  Not only is the new model of you bright and shiny, it’s filled with greater awareness, Love and Light.

So, welcome today with these seeming disruptions, rudely disguised as dissolution and follow the unexpected detours with Light Heart and happy step.


‘Playing’ verses ‘Being’

“Playing god” and “Being God” are two very different and distinct frequencies.

‘Playing god’ carries a certain haughtiness as ego is grossly exaggerated. The frequencies of pride, arrogance and willfulness resound in the ethers. Recipients of these lower vibrations often feel uncomfortable, uncertain and on edge.

‘Being God’ carries the sweet fragrance of humility; it embodies Grace. The serene Infinite Knowledge of Love, Light and Wisdom spreads a healing balm to the ‘carrier’ and to all who benefit from the carrier’s depth of Knowing.

BE Who you are… and stop ‘playing’.