All Aboard the Galactic Ship!

A number of years ago, the Universe gifted me with the opportunity to spread my wings… and light, by placing me in the position of a ‘featured guest speaker’ on cruise ships.

The timing was right for such an adventure as a big cycle in my life had closed and I was at a loss as to what to do next.  I was thrilled and delighted at the prospect of sailing to unknown territories on the big ships.

What I had not anticipated was the enormous initiation of lonesomeness.

As this was a challenging cycle of my life to begin with, when I was faced with the unknown of the Sea and a ship of strangers,  I felt sad, lonesome and completely overwhelmed.

When the ship docked at the first port, I made a bee-line for shore and wandered into a nearby resort hotel.  I sat quietly in a remote corner of the lobby to regain my balance and perspective.  I must have looked the picture of dejection.

Seemingly ‘out of the ethers’ a woman appeared at my side.  Dressed in the disguise of housekeeper, with duster in hand, without hesitation (or teeth) this woman lovingly spoke to me.  “Good things comes to ‘dems who wait” she quipped.  With those words, she patted me on the shoulder and left as suddenly as she had appeared.

Over the past many years, her words have often echoed through me… comforting me and often helping me restore equanimity.

Today, having traveled far inwardly in so many ways, the spirit of this dear woman is still with me.  Oddly, this morning, her words blazed forth yet again offering a new and heightened insight for me… which I share with you.

My present learning curve involves processing Galactic Cosmic information and I suspect this old, dear soul has stepped forth with a cosmic-sort-of-fluffing for thee and me.

The Cosmic message of the day is: “From a galactic vantage point, there is drama in heaven…then, a drama on earth… and finally, a Resurrection – the ultimate return of the Eternal.”

I believe this message and her simple words delivered all those years ago rings loud, clear and true.  We ARE in the midst of great drama playing out on earth.  Finally…indubitably, the ultimate return of all Integrity, Goodness, Truth and Oneness WILL manifest.

And so the words of that simple ‘prophetess’… “Good things comes to ‘dems who wait.”   I encourage you to ‘wait’ in joyful expectancy for the tide to turn and don’t give up the ship!  (Pun intended!)






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