The Return of the Magi (sounds rather Star-War-ish!)

Energetically, we have arrived at a Season of Magic (personally, I believe ALL seasons, all days, are potentially Seasons of Magic, but that’s for another BLOG!)

The magic that permeates the air is the ancient and wise priest/priestess frequency with which each are royally encoded and is now daily more readily available to access.  We ARE the return of the Magi.

The Latin derivative of “Magi” is “magnus” meaning ‘great’.  The holy men of the East (who incidentally were first-rate Astrologers) were called Magi.  Due to spiritual adjustments of energy fields on the stage of Earth, the time has come where each of us can decide to drop our old costumes of chaos and discord and put on the mantel of Wisdom, Love and Light.

It’s a magical time; a shape-shift time for each person.

Oh, yes, I fully see that some unenlightened souls are still trying to work a type of black-magic on the souls who still like the drama of chaos on the stage of life.  (I have always preferred musicals and stories with happy endings, but not everyone does… and I honor those stories too.)  Some souls hog the spotlight with their bullying tactics;  I suspect that’s just part and parcel of chronic bad hair days!

YOU are now equipped to recognize and honor the Magic (the Magi within.)  Focus with all your might on this inner Magic while you laugh and smile at the many faces of farce that are seemingly being enacted on the world stage….trusting, KNOWING that the great Play of the Cosmos IS being enacted and ALL is well-orchestrated and directed by the Hand of Love Itself.




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