Where’s my ‘tubbie?’

In the Cosmic Scheme of things, today is a “Flow Day.”  This energy reminds us of the Law of Impermanence, asserting that change is the only constant in life.  In a continual flow of release and renew, whether we are conscious of the cycles or not, we actually cycle in harmony with nature’s rhythms.

It is when we resist the flow of the patterns of life and the unpredictability of these patterns that we unwittingly call to ourselves unnecessary stress or struggle.  Resistance constricts; constriction deflates, depresses and dis-empowers.  With enough resistance we may possibly delay, or sabotage altogether, the arrival of new, golden opportunities that await us downstream.

The power of the message of “Flow Day” invites us to be adaptable and resilient; it extends the opportunity to change ones state of mind.  Hose off  your inner mind, hop into your ‘tubbie’ and flow effortlessly with this stream of consciousness;  crystal clear, effervescent waters call for you to come frolic and splash with renewed vigor and delight!


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