Epidemic Proportions

Seems there’s an epidemic ‘afoot’ this season ~ “foot-in-mouth” disease!  Egos are flaring; judgments are rampant, opinions are rigid, both superiority and inferiority issues vie for attention, and the need to be right (or worse, be the ‘authority on’ any given topic) has risen to record highs.

Analysis and contemplate ALL that you are hearing – from within your self and from all that is being ‘streamed’ to you from outside sources.  (PLEASE!  Remember, their is only ONE Source… and it’s INSIDE – YOU!  You simply have to be still to hear It and then honor It’s wisdom.)

When the ominous “foot-in-mouth” disease starts to creep upon your spirit, quick, hold your tongue and grab your heart.  The heart is the balancing center for you.  It will direct you lovingly to the exit door by helping you find the kinder, gentler expression and outlet for deflated feelings or confused, angry thoughts.  Heart may also simply say “Be still!”

Be alert to “spin doctors” ~ they are a dime a dozen these days and they really are manifestations of the Christmas Grinch!  If a thought, word or action is divisive, hate-filled, polarizing or confusing, I guarantee – it is NOT of the Light.  Run, don’t walk, from these insidious types of spirit-desecration.

If a thought is not constructive or harmonious, L ET  I T  G O  IMMEDIATELY!  If ever there was a season designed to realign us with harmony and unconditional love… this is it.

Come.  Energetically hold my hand and let’s together, once and for all, conquer this epidemic.

All Aboard the Galactic Ship!

A number of years ago, the Universe gifted me with the opportunity to spread my wings… and light, by placing me in the position of a ‘featured guest speaker’ on cruise ships.

The timing was right for such an adventure as a big cycle in my life had closed and I was at a loss as to what to do next.  I was thrilled and delighted at the prospect of sailing to unknown territories on the big ships.

What I had not anticipated was the enormous initiation of lonesomeness.

As this was a challenging cycle of my life to begin with, when I was faced with the unknown of the Sea and a ship of strangers,  I felt sad, lonesome and completely overwhelmed.

When the ship docked at the first port, I made a bee-line for shore and wandered into a nearby resort hotel.  I sat quietly in a remote corner of the lobby to regain my balance and perspective.  I must have looked the picture of dejection.

Seemingly ‘out of the ethers’ a woman appeared at my side.  Dressed in the disguise of housekeeper, with duster in hand, without hesitation (or teeth) this woman lovingly spoke to me.  “Good things comes to ‘dems who wait” she quipped.  With those words, she patted me on the shoulder and left as suddenly as she had appeared.

Over the past many years, her words have often echoed through me… comforting me and often helping me restore equanimity.

Today, having traveled far inwardly in so many ways, the spirit of this dear woman is still with me.  Oddly, this morning, her words blazed forth yet again offering a new and heightened insight for me… which I share with you.

My present learning curve involves processing Galactic Cosmic information and I suspect this old, dear soul has stepped forth with a cosmic-sort-of-fluffing for thee and me.

The Cosmic message of the day is: “From a galactic vantage point, there is drama in heaven…then, a drama on earth… and finally, a Resurrection – the ultimate return of the Eternal.”

I believe this message and her simple words delivered all those years ago rings loud, clear and true.  We ARE in the midst of great drama playing out on earth.  Finally…indubitably, the ultimate return of all Integrity, Goodness, Truth and Oneness WILL manifest.

And so the words of that simple ‘prophetess’… “Good things comes to ‘dems who wait.”   I encourage you to ‘wait’ in joyful expectancy for the tide to turn and don’t give up the ship!  (Pun intended!)





1000 Petaled Lotus

When seemingly ‘off center’, (like today, quite possibly!) visualize… and then imprint the 1000 petaled, deep violet-colored Lotus at the Crown of your head.  Imagine its warmth spreading throughout every cell of your body.

You can heighten the energy of this great Cosmic Frequency by inter-lacing it with the sacred word “Om.”

As you thread this consciousness throughout your physical body, you connect with Cosmic Consciousness…and you will remember and KNOW – All is well and in Divine Order.  As the Ancients are so fond of saying:  “Put yourself in order and eventually, there IS peace restored on Earth.”

All that from one tiny, divine discipline!  Who knew?!

The Return of the Magi (sounds rather Star-War-ish!)

Energetically, we have arrived at a Season of Magic (personally, I believe ALL seasons, all days, are potentially Seasons of Magic, but that’s for another BLOG!)

The magic that permeates the air is the ancient and wise priest/priestess frequency with which each are royally encoded and is now daily more readily available to access.  We ARE the return of the Magi.

The Latin derivative of “Magi” is “magnus” meaning ‘great’.  The holy men of the East (who incidentally were first-rate Astrologers) were called Magi.  Due to spiritual adjustments of energy fields on the stage of Earth, the time has come where each of us can decide to drop our old costumes of chaos and discord and put on the mantel of Wisdom, Love and Light.

It’s a magical time; a shape-shift time for each person.

Oh, yes, I fully see that some unenlightened souls are still trying to work a type of black-magic on the souls who still like the drama of chaos on the stage of life.  (I have always preferred musicals and stories with happy endings, but not everyone does… and I honor those stories too.)  Some souls hog the spotlight with their bullying tactics;  I suspect that’s just part and parcel of chronic bad hair days!

YOU are now equipped to recognize and honor the Magic (the Magi within.)  Focus with all your might on this inner Magic while you laugh and smile at the many faces of farce that are seemingly being enacted on the world stage….trusting, KNOWING that the great Play of the Cosmos IS being enacted and ALL is well-orchestrated and directed by the Hand of Love Itself.



Where’s my ‘tubbie?’

In the Cosmic Scheme of things, today is a “Flow Day.”  This energy reminds us of the Law of Impermanence, asserting that change is the only constant in life.  In a continual flow of release and renew, whether we are conscious of the cycles or not, we actually cycle in harmony with nature’s rhythms.

It is when we resist the flow of the patterns of life and the unpredictability of these patterns that we unwittingly call to ourselves unnecessary stress or struggle.  Resistance constricts; constriction deflates, depresses and dis-empowers.  With enough resistance we may possibly delay, or sabotage altogether, the arrival of new, golden opportunities that await us downstream.

The power of the message of “Flow Day” invites us to be adaptable and resilient; it extends the opportunity to change ones state of mind.  Hose off  your inner mind, hop into your ‘tubbie’ and flow effortlessly with this stream of consciousness;  crystal clear, effervescent waters call for you to come frolic and splash with renewed vigor and delight!

Oneness Wins

All sense of separation is of mind and ego.  The fruit of mind and ego, when planted, cultivated and harvested, is usually bitter and spoils easily.

Make haste to return to the great State of Remembrance of Oneness for this is the only state where happiness and harmony thrive and are ripe for easy pickin’.  Besides, it’s the only state left in the Union that is not polluted with GMO’s, chem-trails and toxic waters!

I suspect that once we collectively remember our Oneness, all that is poisonous and deadly to us will return to the ethers from which it comes as we have learned the valuable lessons that it is teaching.

Oneness Wins.  (What a great tee-shirt logo…I’ll have to look into this!)


When you choose to be receptive (awake and alert) to exactly what is occurring, as it is occurring, all of your centers open to the information and guidance held within the living intelligence of the moment.

Thus, you are fully aligned with Cosmic Consciousness; as such, you become an open portal for light and love.

It’s a Rainbow-kind-of-day

Time out.

Would you do yourself a BIG favor and take a brief time out to tune into the Rainbow Frequencies of this day.

First, simply surround yourself with a rainbow.  Next surround your home and family, next your county, next the state, next the country and finally the world.

Nothing to it…EVERYTHING to it!  Thank you for loving YOU and our beautiful globe.  Carry on.

The Disguise of Dissolution

The ‘disguise of dissolution’ seems to be tippy-toeing around in many lives these days.  Relationships are crumbling, careers are tumbling, bombs are bursting, illness is wreaking havoc,  and loved ones are making their exit from this earthly plane.

What appears as destruction, chaos, mayhem or loss may actually be the necessary forces of liberation evoking a release from rigid structure, format, belief systems, behavior patterns, or a worn-out earthly temple.

By releasing that which no longer serves, we make way for new opportunities and understandings to emerge.  Some folks cling to the notion that they must drape their process of ‘dissolution’ in a garment of “emerg-ency” in order to emerge.  In Cosmic Reality terms, the word simply implies “dis-solution” – your old solutions are no longer appropriate nor are they working for you.  “Old habits die hard”… which, of course, the phase in and of itself is an “old habit!”

Today is a “break-through” day, Cosmically.   Energies are aligned to inspire you to dissolve fixed concepts, fears or habitual patterns that weigh you down.  Release the old model of you; the new model awaits release from deep within your Core.  Not only is the new model of you bright and shiny, it’s filled with greater awareness, Love and Light.

So, welcome today with these seeming disruptions, rudely disguised as dissolution and follow the unexpected detours with Light Heart and happy step.