Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod

In the blink of an eye, a single beat of the heart, a nano-second… we have the ability, power and authority to transmute self-consciousness into Self-Consciousness.

On your mark… get set… Wink, blink and nod; results vary according to your belief in Self!

A little “R & R” ~ renewal and reconfiguration

In the the awakened state one moves to the rhythm of the centerpoint of stillness… the eye of the storm.  Here one gains the power to alter circumstances without being carried away by the storm.

Only from the ‘Center Point’ does one have the capacity to be of constructive influence – be it through vigor, charisma or stillness.  As your intensity is unleashed, remain firmly anchored in and focused upon the center of Stillness, around which chaos frolics.

This is a ‘gateway day.’  Use the energy of this day to generate transformation via renewal and reconfiguration.

Consciously choose to let go of the hypnotic trance of sleep-walking through life.  “R and R” are opportunities to saturate the soul with a deeper appreciation and cultivation of the illumined state of  Wakefulness.

Wakefulness is the portal of creativity.  Creativity is Source Energy operating fully through you – to create the relationships you desire, the new job, the new house… and eventually – new star systems.


Making All Things Right-side Up..

Yesterday the grocery store was crowded with last minute Turkey Day shoppers.  Some folks were impatient, some impervious, and many looked tired and haggard with their inner glow-light barely shinning.

As I expertly wheeled my cart up and down the aisles, the thought dawned that perhaps the more sophisticated dessert selection that I would be offering today would hold no appeal to the ‘wee crowd.’  Thus, stopping at the cupcake counter, I carefully selected some picture-perfect little cakes, each beautifully decorated with various Turkey Day themes.

Check out went smoothly.  However, the ‘packer’ herself seemed to have ‘checked out.’  Not being completely present at her assigned post meant that the artful cupcakes were packed on their art-filled little sides!  Oooo.

Having been fully engaged and present while paying my bill, I didn’t discover the gooy mess until I was loading the groceries into the car.

Knee-jerk reaction… march (not tooooo militant!) right back into that store and demand that they replace the cupcakes, while righteously calling attention to the packer-gals’ in-attention.

Blessedly, these days, my knee is less apt to react like a jerk! My reaction mode has given way to a response mode that operates from a more thoughtful platform….’let me think about and process before I do much of anything.’

As I drove home, I thought about the packer-gal and looked INTO her, not at her.  With great compassion, I now saw a young lady who had a host of reasons for not being fully present.  (Humph.  Just like thee and me, I suspect.)

I reached into my heart and simply loved her… right where she’s at.  No need to fix, change, help or heal as every step, every stage, every place where we are for a moment in eternity is necessary AND filled with the Divine.  Mentally, I thanked her for the opportunity to remember this Highest, ‘bestest’ Truth.

Once home, as I carefully righted the cupcakes, I saw that only one was seriously mangled.

Instantly I knew the cupcake situation was completely and happily resolved… I enjoyed EVERY morsel!

Happy Turkey Day!  And if you come across a mangled, mutant cupcake, grab it and savor every bite.

Suppose every day was Thanksgiving…

Ever wonder how your life would change if you declared every day ‘Thanksgiving’?

Perhaps you could more easily see the transmutative qualtities of pain. The illness that unexpectedly showed up in your life or the life of someone you love becomes the instrument through which you learn acceptance and cultivate an inner strength you never knew you possessed.  And look at the opportunities to grow through loss…loss of a partner, a child, a friendship, a job, a home, financial security – there are countless ways that loss manifests as a first-rate teacher, albiet, oftentimes stern.

Perhaps you would revel in the simple joys – non-stop.

Regardless of the ‘disguise’ a teacher is wearing, they are cracker-jacks at what they offer to your spirit.  With precision and impeccability, they always show up on time with profound information for you on the evolutionary path.

This year, I have been extraordinarily blessed by the daily presence of two Teachers – both stepped forward from other frequencies beyond our veil of illusion here on earth.  The first Teacher manifested early in the year.  His presence led me to understand the value of Vedic Astrology as he helped place me on the initiative road to learning this most challenging subject.

The second Teacher to announce himself to me this year hales from an off-planetary frequency.  I suspect this frequency is neither male nor female so I lovingly refer its presence as ‘My Buddy.’  Whatever the delightful relationship is between us, it brings me renewed enthusiasm, hope, spontaneity and many other gifts.

At the holiday table tomorrow, when we each take our turn to express that which we are most thankful for this year, my profound and very humble answer is ready.  I am most thankful for learning to see and appreciate that every day, in every way, there is much to be thankful for.  I will follow this up with a twinkle in my eye as I embrace and salute my life-altering, new-found Teachers.

Challenge Overload

Our challenges, too, are infiltrated with Divine Intelligence.  

Many souls at this extraordinary evolutionary turning point are experiencing dramatic symptoms of ‘challenge overload.’  Perhaps it feels as if you have been in the trenches far too long, your socks are soggy and your brain is addled.

Although it is an earned honor to BE HERE NOW, the job gets pretty darn messy and stinky at times.  Those of you who opted for a ‘front line’ position are especially weary.

Rays of Light are, in fact, breaking through the muck and mire of each of our lives.  Relief efforts are going on behind the scenes so it’s vital to the mission that you HOLD ON!

In the meantime, the immediate ray of hope is the fact that a gate is swinging open … gently… slowly, that will give you greater insight and understanding into the deeply encoded messages hidden in your challenges.  These next few days are highly transformative for you.

As these codes are being reveled, look to Thanksgiving day as a day where you can accept and embrace, with grace and ease, the transformation inherent in the challenges.

Beware of Awareness!

Awareness evolves intelligence;  Intelligence evolves Consciousness.

However, this planet is a ‘free-will zone.’  You are free to remain impervious, uninterested, aloof, frightened, seemingly disconnected, disenchanted and disenfranchised.

Not exactly sure WHY you would choose to cling to these dreadfully restrictive, worn-out patterns, but it IS your choice.

Perhaps the next time someone extends a slice, even a tiny morsel of Awareness to you, you will reach out and take a bite.  Once your pallet has adjusted to the initial ‘twang’, you just might choose Awareness on a more consistent basis until it becomes your choice as a steady diet.